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... I had intralase done almost 2 months ago. It was healing very slowly. ... (18 replies)
... I had intralase done almost 2 months ago. It was healing very slowly. ... (6 replies)
... Another thing is I thought that Intralase is better then regular Lasik with mikrokeratome, safer, it turned out that the healing was so painful that I think that regular Lasik is probably better. ... (18 replies)

... Thanks for the in depth update. I went with the intralase for basically the same reasons that you listed in your update. I experienced no pain beyond the first 12 hours or so after the surgery. ... (18 replies)
... I had Intralase Lasik done on June 12th and for the most part I'm doing well. ... (2 replies)
... I had customvue intralase on Friday, January 30. ... (2 replies)
... I've been reading this board for the past week and thought I would post my experiences with intralase lasik. ... (3 replies)
... or in bright light since you've had you surgery. I have noticed this on occasion and I am quite concerned. Hoping they are temporary. My eyes of course are still healing but I wondered if anyone else with intralase has noticed this. look forward to your reply, take care. ... (36 replies)
... just wanted to let everyone know that I just had the intralase custom lasik performed today and had to say it was a great experience. they did my left eye today and will do the right tomorrow. ... (6 replies)
... Hey Guys and Gals I wanted to share my first 8 days of lasik with you all since this site has been so helpful to me. 26/m I did the pre testing i was a great candinate +2.75 in each eye. decided to get the surgery because i constantly would loose scratch break my glasses, plus i missed sunglassses. Surgery day. The doc talked to me they drugged me which just calmed... (2 replies)
... and I can tell I'm already less dependent on the lubrication drops, although I am still taking them about once and hour just because I believe it will aid in the healing process even more. I strongly believe the drops are crucial to good healing. ... (3 replies)
... Just had my 10 day post-op follow up. My right eye was 20/20 and my left eye 20/25. Generally I am feeling pretty good about the surgery outcome. The doctor said everything looked good with the flap and my healing. I continue to use lubricating drops every time I think about it. Halos have gotten a lot better but when I'm tired they return, especially driving at night, but... (36 replies)
... you don't feel the stitches. In a way, it was less awkward than the actual LASIK procedure and the flap lift procedure. And now I don't have to worry about it healing with the wrinkle in it. I do suspect I am one of the people who may need an enhancement down the line. ... (14 replies)
... minutes claiming that it drastically helps the healing process and sure enough I am out 3 weeks today and not even really needing the drops anymore. ... (3 replies)
... 6 Month Follow-Up: I had my 6 month follow-up appointment this week for my 10/2007 Interlase Lasik surgery. This was my final appointment with the clinic. This appointment involved more testing than the previous check-ups. I was given many of the same tests as my pre-Lasik appointment to check final progress. I am now 20/20!! Prior to surgery I needed a -4.5... (36 replies)
... gical tool and washing underneath. Afterwards I will take the antibiotic drops again and should be fine in a few hours. There is no laser involved, so not a long healing process. ... (36 replies)
... It's been one month since my surgery and I love the results!! I feel completely normal again and have to really try to remember to use the eye drops. (My doc said to use the lubricating drops even if you don't feel like you need them, they help with healing). My very close-up vision is blurry, for example I had a mole on my shoulder and couldn't focus on it until I looked... (36 replies)
... hey skylar! sounds like you've had a good experience so far! good for you! i had to laugh at the teddy bear, because i had a my little pony my daughter gave me that i squeezed the crud out of during the surgery!!! as far as your reading vision goes, it takes time for that to get back to normal. i couldn't see jack up close for a couple of months post-op! your eyes are... (36 replies)
... OK, I'm 5 days after the surgery now and my vision is fairly stable. The distance is fine, I'm driving and all without any problems. Halos are getting better, but still present. The near vision is still fuzzy, although better. I tried on various reading glasses at the drug store yesterday to see if it would help and it had no effect, so I think this is just part of the... (36 replies)
... After the surgery: I sat in the recliner and the numbing drops wore off. It did not exactly hurt but my eyes were stinging like I had salt water from the beach in them. I was also sensitive to light and my eyes were watering like crazy. Even my nose was running. After he checked my flap I was sent home to sleep. TAKE A DRIVER. I could barely open my eyes on the way to... (36 replies)

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