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... Usually, poor vision is hereditary but can also be caused by disease. When you go for your consultation, they will determine if your eyes can be helped by the intralasik. ... (6 replies)
... Hi. I am planing on getting intralasik done in a couple of months but I am worried how bad is too bad with astigmatism and if they can get it done. ... (6 replies)
... weeks can chime in. I had 0.0 astigmatism before PRK. ... (16 replies)

... ng laser eye surgery and seeing if it can be corrected. But also, you should only get laser eye surgery once and maybe twice. I know if I get it done again, it is possible my eye could be worse than if I didn't. There's no way of knowing if it will help or hurt. ... (6 replies)
... hours and driving during the night is a mess. ... (0 replies)
... asik Doc can tell you for sure if you are a good candidate for the surgery so, go see one for what should be a free exam. That being said, I had a fairly strong astigmatism that was nearly completely correctable with Lasik. ... (1 replies)
... in my left, astigmatism is actually my biggest problem. I don't know about my left eye but, I think my doctor said I am 3.1 astigmatism in my right eye. I just found out that I am a candidate and am scheduled for my surgery this coming Wednesday. I don't know anything about intralasik. ... (6 replies)
... hinned out the scars, to make sure of me not getting farsighted later. BUT this surgery ended unsuccesfully, with absolute no change to my vision at all, neither bad or good happend and it was like I did not go through a surgery at all. ... (0 replies)
... starburst in my left eye is scary. I heard the surgeon say to the tech "sometimes I make them a bit smaller" and I'm scared he meant my flap. ... (14 replies)
... I had alot of bad things in the first year, some resolved and some did not. Every person is different and I do not want to cause you dispair on my issues. I had alot of worry in the first year and it was difficult. ... (14 replies)
... How high is your Astigmatism and do you have any myopia? ... (6 replies)
... According to Dr. I have a mixed astigmatism. I have a mild astigmatism and some near sightedness. My vision all together isnt all that bad, just a little blurry and my eyes get so tired when I try to do stuff without my glasses. ... (2 replies)
... What is your prescription? ... (6 replies)
... Thank you for posting this! I'm -13 in one of my eyes, and am also worried that I will not be a good candidate...being so borderline. The clinic I'm visiting says "LASIK is able to correct nearsightedness combined with astigmatism up to -12.00 and farsightedness combined with astigmatism up to +5.00. However, the prescription alone does not determine whether you are a... (6 replies)
... I have astigmatism pretty bad in my left eye only. My right eye sees pretty well. ... (1 replies)
... Just wondering about something. My wife would like to have the LASIK eye surgery done but is uncertain if this can be done because she has a very bad astigmatism. Can it? ... (2 replies)
... with astigmatism in the right eye. Had Lasik almost 2 months ago and am generally happy with it. One thing I want you to clearly understand is that the laser treatment for farsighted people differs from that for nearsighted people and therefore, the recovery time is a lot longer. ... (4 replies)
... I got my flap sutured down in my left eye today. Vision will be super blurry while stitches are in. My left eye is about at 20/50 before the stitches. Supposedly, the myopia in my left eye is mostly gone, but it still has a bad astigmatism (3 - which I think is pretty bad). The wrinkle in my flaps may have been causing some of the astigmatism, but I was having the blur... (14 replies)
... after surgery. I was also told that had good thickness in my corneas. I know plenty of people with very bad eyesight who saw well right after surgery. So if there is any reason that my Rx would lead to problems after surgery, I should have been told. ... (2 replies)
Highly Myopic
May 13, 2005
... I think one of the most difficult things for them to correct is astigmatism. That seems to be the only thing that they struggle with. So, if your main problem is your degree of nearsightedness, you should be fine. But, go see a Lasik specialist to find out for sure. ... (4 replies)

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