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... member my doctor telling me that there are some side effects that I can expect in the next few weeks, and blurry vision was among them. The thing is, I think the blurriness is getting a little worse everyday in my left eye. It doesn't hurt, but it feels like it's really strained sometimes. Should I be worried? ... (25 replies)
... Glad things are going well for you so far.... don't spend too much time here on the computer, or you'll wear your eyes out and blurriness and much freaking out will be inevitable! ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the update and know how it feels... You are right. I have the same issues with certain lights. I can see great driving during the day and then go into a store and the lights cause blurriness! My eyes are very clear when I first wake up and then as the day goes on.. they start blurring. So annoying but I can't get away from the computer either. I go on Friday for a... (28 replies)

... t getting some glasses to help. Its just really frustrating because the left eye is seeing so well, and I'd hate to have to go back to glasses just for a little blurriness in the right, but if I can't get used to it, I'll have to do it. ... (28 replies)
... Yes my vision was blurred and saw doubles for 7 days each eye, the kicker was my right eye blurred first then when the blurriness and double vision went away my left eye kicked in and was blurry for another week. ... (5 replies)
... I went in today and the left eye is 20/15 while the right eye is 20/20... the undercorrection/overcorrection difference between the two is what is causing the blurriness... if it doesn't level out in a few months the doc suggested an enhancement on my right eye (not so sure how I feel about going through this process again :/ ) (3 replies)
... It took me almost the full 3 months to stabilize. I look around at certain objects to judge how far I've come. There is a little residual blurriness about 10 feet and out. Darker places make it blurrier, and I have difficulty reading signs while driving. Hang in there. ... (67 replies)
... Don't worry Chrissie66, it may take some time for the blurriness to go away. ... (22 replies)
... Thank you for your replies. The blurriness is already getting better, so I'm also thinking it's from swelling. ... (4 replies)
... is, however, starting to improve. The cornea is very slow at metabolising and it does take time. I had exctly the same symptoms as you, perfect day 1 test, then blurriness appearing. ... (7 replies)
... I had some double vision for about a week. It has gotten better but I still have blurriness in one eye at 3 weeks post op. Hopefully we'll both progress and get better! Best wishes. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, I'd close my good eye occasionally to try and strengthen the blurry one. My doc gave me some sodium chloride drops to help with cornea edema and that has also helped the blurriness. We are remaining hopeful we will have the sight we seek! (1 replies)
... Hi Hating Glasses, I see you are a Sr. Veteran out here. You have the patience of a saint. Thank you so much for your response. But it is not the dry eyes that is making me crazy, but the fact that one eye is totally 20/20 and the other is 20/40 or worse. The doc consoles me by saying that my prescription was very high -8.5 each eye and that requires a ton of healing. I... (9 replies)
... I am on this board to be a source of comfort to people like DollBaby who, after their surgery had concerns about discomfort or dry eye. Since I have experience with it, I can give comforting words and advice on what the best drops (in my opinion) are. I can tell people that the blurriness that they may be experiencing post-operatively may be simply that they are having some... (10 replies)
Lasik danger!!
Mar 5, 2007
... donb7, Is she using eye drops? Believe it or not, your eye can be dry and either she won't feel it as dryness or she won't feel it at all. If she isn't already, tell her to get some preservative free or non-preserved eye drops. My suggestion is Optics Laboratory Minidrops Eye Therapy (if you type that into a search engine you can find out what the box looks like and what... (11 replies)
... d still blurry at a distance and somewhat also upclose a lot of the time, but my eyesight is definitely improved from before, and hopefully will continue and the blurriness will go away after another month! But if it would continue like it is now I would definitely not be satisfied. ... (1 replies)
... in the left. I have been concerned about the blurriness especially in the morning and most especially when I'm trying to look at my computer monitor. I hope it will clear up in the next several weeks. ... (5 replies)
... Don't worry. I still have occassional blurriness and had my surgery nearly 3 months ago. The chances are, your left eye is drier than your right. That was my case. ... (3 replies)
... i had done a enhancement on my right eye 5 days later due to the fact at night my vision would get very blurry, so the enhancement went well, but i do see some blurriness at night with my right eye, my left is ok, during the day my eyesight is so perfect, will these effects at night go away? ... (2 replies)
... Another thing is I thought that Intralase is better then regular Lasik with mikrokeratome, safer, it turned out that the healing was so painful that I think that regular Lasik is probably better. ... (18 replies)

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