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... I know exactly how you are feeling and the depression that this has gotten you into... You must accept the reality of what happened and go from there, that would be the first step... ... (7 replies)
... No it's not isolated one, are you not capable of reading on this forum, do you not see other posts of damaged people after lasik, do you not see some peopel have depression and suicidal thoughts because of it, they were all candidates for surgery, in the end random effect got us all. ... (16 replies)
... drive at night with no issues. I don't have halos or glares, and literally the only thing I can say is that I am managing my dry eye. I think I would be in high depression after some of these posts that have had blurriness, halos, glares after surgery and I'm very thankful that I didn't have any symptoms like that. ... (15 replies)

... Hi, I had the custom lasik done about 5 weeks ago and have been experiencing the night time issues. The first week I had severe halos and glare in dim lights and at night. ... (4 replies)
... I am 24 years old, I think the results are better when you are young. don't quote me on that. Right now, I am also going through depression and anxiety since my surgery. I was thinking, can we do sue these doctor even though we signed the consent form? ... (7 replies)
... I am sorry but giving people hope is one of the best natural cures you can give anyone who has had any kind of surgery and if you can give that hope from either your own experience or someone very close to you then it is far better to have a positive attitude to recovery than always looking for the worst. Having said that I am not going to continue with these forums. I only... (16 replies)
... Good luck to you on Tuesday! I have never had anxiety and or depression but I think they should discuss it as a side effect..Maybe a script of anxiety meds should accompany the eye drops. ... (8 replies)
... How bad is your night vision? I could drive at night but there is a significant difference from when I had glasses. I have size 6 mm pupils which are pretty large. I normally didn't need lights on in the morning but it's either the contrast of my vision seems to be lower than before or I really did lose night vision. My eyes feel like they crave light to see well. (3 replies)
... DaEsse, I had a really tough time with anxiety and depression during week 1 and into week 2. ... (8 replies)
... I guess you need more moral support and people to share their experience with you to calm the post op depression that could occur. Keep courage! Take care of yourself and ENJOY LIFE!, give yourself some gifts...Hope this help. ... (5 replies)
... six months after lasik for their vision to clear, and your negative experiences really only add to people's stress and depression, and everyone knows stress and depression hinder the body's healing process! ... (37 replies)
8 Month Update
Dec 28, 2010
... I think the thing that pisses me off more than anything is the way lasik procedures are promoted as no big deal. The facility where I had my procedure performed allows customers to watch the procedure. ... (15 replies)
... My vision is far worse after my lasik - I can't drive in the dark anymore... multiple tail lights and unable to tell which lane anyone in front of me is occupying. You can't beat yourself up over it - it's water under the bridge. You now have to make a decision whether or not you want the enhancement - I opted not to because my vision declined and if the enhancement fails, I... (11 replies)
... you all, my exp with Lasek so far. If I remember I undergone the LASEK surgery way back in June '01 when it was newly introduced. I wasn't an ideal candidate for Lasik cuz' of my thin cornea, it was around 450 Microne. ... (0 replies)
... It was ordinary lasik with laser STAR S4. ... (7 replies)
... I just want to share my story as well. I was going to get married on the 15th of July this year and although my eyes were only -1.25 left and right, I had this stupid idea of wanting to see my husband at the altar from the moment I step into the church. There was nothing wrong with my eyes before and I didn't really need glasses apart from when I had to drive, etc. My job... (11 replies)
... I am writing here because I have no one to talk to about this, and have been driving my family crazy with my emotional behavior since my Lasik surgery. ... (11 replies)
8 Month Update
Dec 28, 2010
... Hi Engineer / Regret Eyes, Christmas and New Year 2009 was the worst time in my life. I was just 4 weeks post lasik. For me it was very severe dry eyes, bad halos, and ghosting.... Dry Eyes -- This was by far the worst of it. For the 1st 5-6 months, I had to put in drops nearly every 30 mins of the days. This was a total nightmare. I can't bein to express the... (15 replies)
... days before i got myself together. all the while ready about lasik complications fueled my fear and triggered my depression. i went to the surgeon on an emergency appointment. guy was useless . ... (12 replies)
... I had my Lasik done on 10 Feb, so it's been around 11 days. ... (5 replies)

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