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... I had custom wavefront Lasik six days ago, so yesterday was my last day of medicated drops. ... (23 replies)
... I have been reading lots of horror stories about lasik. ... (23 replies)
... what is the recovery time of vision in epi-lasik. It has been three weeks and I still have poor vision both distance and reading. Is this normal or am I considered a stastistic for a botched surgery? I was severely nearsighted and Ii can say that after surgery, I was able to see although not clearly. As of this time, my doctor tells me that it will take a bit of patience until... (0 replies)

... Thanks to everyone who responded. I am glad to know that there are a lot of happy Lasik patients out there with good results. After reading some of these websites, it had me wondering if anyone was satisfied with the procedure. ... (14 replies)
... I'm 31 and just had the surgery. I'm thrilled with my results. However, I will undoubtedly need reading glasses in 10 years or so, but would have naturally I think. One of my colleagues is about 50 and had the monovision surgery and LOVES his results. ... (14 replies)
... orry yet. It's way too early to know if that's something that won't dissapear. I know it's frustrating not to be able to see well right away. I actually think my lasik doc told me not to use the computer for 3 days because of eye strain. ... (4 replies)
... Will you need reading glasses? ... (1 replies)
... I have been reading quite a few posts here where people have one blurry eye after lasik, and I just have to tell ya'll that first, it's normal.... ... (1 replies)
... Since i learned that the flap never completely heal i wish i did any kind of surgery but not lasik. ; ) Do some research, don't just listen the surgeon or successful people who did it but take your own decision after being properly informed on the subject. (one year of research is not much for your eyes). Do it or not but if you're young you should do both eyes or monovision... (2 replies)
PRK/Lasik Update
Jul 11, 2007
... prior to surgery. Reading is fine, distance is crap. Very depressing, especially on when on a highway. ... (2 replies)
... I'm scheduled to get lasik Tues. and after reading all the negative things I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. ... (10 replies)
... I went to a Lasik consultation on Friday and they told me I have dry eyes. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, Dan-girls, my eyes were -5.50 & -6 before the surgery. Hope they improve from that 20/60, if not I'll probably end up getting an enhancement. Meanwhile, I borrowed my sister's pre-lasik glasses to help with the driving situation, that seems to help a lot. :) (12 replies)
... Hi ladies, I am sorry to hear about your recovery, but you are both very early in your healing. I know how hard it is because I had Lasik 16 months ago, and had alot of problems to start. I would actually say that the past two to three months have been much better. ... (9 replies)
... I had Monovision Lasik 2 years ago. I love it. But I had monovision contacts before the surgery. I knew what I was getting into. ... (5 replies)
... time for contacts I don't think. I haven't heard much rave reviews on monovision though, so I think I will just have the standard proceedure. I'll worry about reading glasses down the road. ... (5 replies)
... I had custom wave Lasik on Mar 2nd. I did have some fluctuations for a couple of weeks and felt like there was something in it periodically for a couple weeks. ... (8 replies)
... ion before surgery, and required a touch up on one eye about a week after the procedure. Now I have monovision, which is somewhat troublesome, but beats needing reading glasses. ... (2 replies)
... I had my lasik last Friday. Things appear to be going well. I am very happy with the surgery. Has anyone had their eyelashes crusty in the morning? ... (1 replies)
2 Weeks Post Lasik
Jan 31, 2007
... Hi, just wanted to let you know that I too had trouble seeing up close for the first two weeks or so. I had to put my laptop on my lap to see it, and I couldn't see the computer very well at work for a couple of weeks but after a couple of weeks it was fine and is no longer an issue, so it should get better and is normal from what I've read. (17 replies)

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