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... I had worn contacts lenses since 1976 and then reading glasses on top of those for about the past 5 years. ... (67 replies)
... I had lasik on 9th jan this year, had monvision laser. ... (8 replies)
... talked myself out of LASIK. I knew full well what the complications could be and I am also a bit of a worrier. I was also VERY tired of contacts and glasses... reading glasses in every spot at home and work. I visited Dr. Jeffrey Morris in Encinitas, CA on the referral of a friend. ... (2 replies)

... Thank leelee - 5 days later I am still very blurry in my right eye. In fact it's driving me crazy! On Wednesday I go back to the doctor and she will take out the contact bandage and I'm praying that helps. The funny thing is now I can see close up perfectly in my right eye and not so good in my left eye. I'm amazed at how clear i see within 12" but after that it's a no go. (20 replies)
... I was told that at my age, which was 42 then, I could need reading glasses after my lasik. Doc said it happens a lot when people in their early 40's have lasik. ... (20 replies)
... I had lasik in June...Was really nearsighted. ... (5 replies)
... I certainly don't want that since I am so nervous to begin with. I don't want to have to do enhancements. I am reading so much about the dry eye problem too. Has it been bad the whole 4 months after for you? ... (8 replies)
... I am 52 yrs old and worn bifocal before my LASIK 3days ago. While my new vision is good, my near vision seems worse than it was before. I need reading glasses for computer and everyhting seems blury within 3 or 4 ft. Is this problem temporary? ... (5 replies)
Lasik when older
Mar 3, 2005
... About a year ago I saved up for Lasik. Dr said I was good candidate, but I would need reading glasses. I am nearsighted and didnt yet need reading glasses, so felt the change off not worthwhile. ... (6 replies)
... t all distances. It feels like the abrasion has healed, no pain and rarely any foreign feeling in my left eye. Still dealing with the blurriness and difficulty reading a computer screen. Again, it still looks as though I should be wearing 3d glasses to look at the screen or something. ... (10 replies)
... Henrietta, thank you so much for the reply and your kind words. As is the custom,by now.... :D ... I have been keeping my right eye closed/patched for the last few days, (so that the epithelium will regenerate; reduces halos etc, and kills the pain, at least for a while - EVEN after I take the patch off/open my Eye), so so far, I havent been able to follow your suggestions.... (6 replies)
... I was extremely upset with my bad vision, that's why I did Lasik 2 month ago. Thank God. So far best decision I have made regading my health and my vision. I see crystal clear now with absolutely NO side effect. Nothing. ... (1 replies)
... Mig, I had LASIK done 2 days ago I am presbyopia before LASIK. I opted to correct both eyes for distant vision as recommended by the doctor. ... (36 replies)
... Info that lasik docs really gloss over. ... (7 replies)
... I just had LASIK surgery less than a week ago. ... (3 replies)
... I had lasikplus lasik eye surgery in September 2008. In the past year or so my eyes have changed slightly. ... (2 replies)
Lasik Enhancement
Mar 20, 2012
... in both eyes. My eyes were doing fine up until these past few weeks, as they seem to be getting worse. And I can definitely tell. I've been reading up on enhancements but also thought taht I post something on here. ... (1 replies)
... of the people that come to a message board like this are here because they had some kind of problems. The ones that had absolutely no issues don't post here, so reading these boards can give you a very negative impression. ... (40 replies)
... Well money is not the issue as LASIK and PRK is quite cheap in my country. And i my doctor suggested me PRK instead of LASIK as he said PRK involves less risks. ... (25 replies)
... I had Lasik 12 years ago, after being -6.50 in both eyes. I was 20/15 after the Lasik, but 3 or 4 months later needed to have enhancements done as my vision had regressed somewhat (which is fairly typical), and I went back to 20/15 for a number of years. Today, I'm -1.00 as a result of the normal aging process, so next month I plan to have one eye enhanced again. I plan to... (6 replies)

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