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... Today marks the day when I had my lasik operation exactly 7 months ago. ... (6 replies)
... Yes, it is normal if you have dry eye syndrome. This should be part of the management post Lasik if you have an issue with it and the doctor needs to help you address this problem. ... (9 replies)
... First off, thank you for all the helpful info on here! I see many posts from people citing blurry vision after lasik and I am in the same boat. ... (3 replies)

... Since I made my last post too long and no one is really responding to it I'm going to just keep this one short. ... (2 replies)
... Is this normal at all? ... (1 replies)
... Still hanging in there here. I'm now 9 days post-LASIK and my right eye is still blurry. My left is great. Over the weekend my right eye got so blurry that I couldn't see out of it at all (couldn't even read words right in front of my face) and it was burning. Started using Systane drops at night and it started helping. Had my one-week post-op today and was told... (9 replies)
... Can you please update us on your progress. I am 10 days post lasik and still with blurry vision. Your story kind of describes mine. Hope to hear from you. ... (18 replies)
... I got Lasik surgery on both eyes on January 23rd and right now I am a little anxious about the long term results. ... (7 replies)
... I am 6 days post LASIK. I was nearsighted prior to the surgery. ... (2 replies)
... I am 31 and got LASIK last week. ... (1 replies)
... w and was informed that my vision would fluctuate at times. my dr. warned me that it would be somewhat blurry at times as my eyes needed time to heal. i got my lasik on weds and my vision was pretty good friday and saturday. ... (3 replies)
... The point of lasik is not so you can compare your bad vision before without glasses, and now with lasik. ... (1 replies)
... operation. I wake up every morning hoping for clear vision but I am disappointed soon after. I wish to not regret my decision of having Lasik done to my eyes, but I am having a difficult time coping at this juncture. ... (28 replies)
... I've started reading this board before I got LASIK and it's been helpful. Anyways, I thought I'd share my LASIK experience. ... (0 replies)
... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10- ABOUT 1.5-2 MONTHS AFTER THE SURGERY: WELCOME BACK TO HELL! Circa 50 days after my ordeal; I first started noticing that the vision of my right eye was starting to get a Little hazy again. Its as if it was ''loosing resolution'' in comparasion to my left eye. I thougt nothing... (6 replies)
... So I had lasik done in July 25th. 2011 which is 3 months post op, and i'm not enjoying my vision. In fact, my vision is all I nearly think about! Let me explain further. ... (3 replies)
... weeks for near vision to return to normal in my rt eye which is and was Plano. Lft eye is still not to my standard of normal because was slightly over corrected. i am hoping for continued improvement which I notice in baby steps with the left eye. ... (2 replies)
... s nightvision impacted. Is it swelling or some residual water or whatever, within 3 months for all to clear out, all that goes beyond 3 months is just apperently lasik industry trick for your brain to get used to new vision, new effects. ... (16 replies)
... as a result of the normal aging process, so next month I plan to have one eye enhanced again. ... (6 replies)
... What come to mind when you mention dizziness in head positions: BPPV - (something) positional vertigo Here's a link: topic-overview (1 replies)

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