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... yes, very normal..... take a look at my other posts on this board (no time to go into it all... sorry!). :) (7 replies)
... since, then today, Tuesday, my right eye is super blurry. Is that normal? ... (7 replies)
... Eventually, when your eyes are at the point the mine are, and reading glasses are needed most of the time, you can always try a contact lense in one eye, that will weaken the vision for ready and see how you like it. Most doctors will let you try it for a week or so to see if it's what you want. ... (13 replies)

... Thank you for your reply. Yesterday was great vision wise and I could tell my right eye is starting to get a little clearer and my brain seemed to be using my left eye more. ... (18 replies)
... Well I had my procedure done yesterday on my right eye and I must say, I am relieved that I am having very little discomfort. ... (25 replies)
... geon also told me to use the artificial tears "aggressively" during this time, even though I was not suffering from dry eyes or any other discomfort. I just had blurry vision at a distance. ... (8 replies)
... up that I did have some dry spots on that eye. I'm not sure if astigmatism could be it, I only had .25 in one eye and . ... (11 replies)
... Hi solongglasses, my right eye was very blurry for almost three weeks post surgery. My left eye was extraordinarily excellent starting the morning after! Each eye took only nine seconds but the right was just much, much slower to recover. ... (9 replies)
... I called my optometrist yesterday and she suggested I buy, "Celluvisc", which is a gel. ... (10 replies)
... Try not to worry Jess. There is a gel called Clinitas Hydrate that I use daily and it works quite well, my optometrist gives them to people with persistent dry eyes so maybe it will help you. ... (10 replies)
... that's when I had the first proper eye test. Have you had an eye test yet, and if so what were the readings? ... (9 replies)
... aid lens is removed because it roughs up that outer layer a little bit, which is normal. Right now, however, my right eye is becoming very strong and the distortion is really getting to me. ... (25 replies)
... I got my flap sutured down in my left eye today. Vision will be super blurry while stitches are in. ... (14 replies)
... up today. I has now been one week since my LASIK and 2 days since the flap lift. ... (14 replies)
... You are still extremely early in the process, and yes it is totally normal for your eyes to be different. ... (9 replies)
... Had my one month check up last Friday. My right eye is still blurry at all ranges, and it doesn't seem to be improving. The optometrist seems to think it will eventually get better but I am having my doubts. ... (8 replies)
... I honestly think doctors telling me my current situation is normal is a bunch of crap. ... (9 replies)
... her cataract surgery and her doc said they just stay in unless they are pulling unevenly and causing astigmatism. Just curious if its the same for yours. My left eye is still blurry too from my Lasik a week ago, I called and got an appointment for tomorrow to see what's going on. ... (14 replies)
... I probably wasn't too informative, was I? :) Well I actually can never see 20/20, my fullest potential with glasses and LASIK is 20/25 (I had LASIK by the way, the fun blade and all that jazz.) My eyes without glasses were dreadful, the nurse tells me it shouldnt take long for my eyes to reach better vision however everyone else tells me that I'll probably be able to see in... (9 replies)
... I have been reading quite a few posts here where people have one blurry eye after lasik, and I just have to tell ya'll that first, it's normal.... and second, don't keep the blurry eye closed all the time! ... (1 replies)

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