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... I' just like you too! Funny how a lot of us never knew it would be this way but now we deal with it the best we can and keep positive if possible. My readers are blurry for things like splinter removal and since one eye has astigmatism and a little better up close vision, it is hard to adjust. ... (36 replies)
... Yes, Anyway I'll try to get in touch with my Dr. as soon as possible, and I'm more and more confident that this problem will heal itself and I've also realized it's too soon to take conclusions, unlike I thought. I'll try and get some glasses like that too, once again, thank you so much for your help! (4 replies)
... Yes, Any infections and stuff like that probably will effect the vision for awhile. I did not have any issues like that but the lights at night are still bothersome. Time is the factor so I hope for you and me, it will take care of itself. If not, I'll ask the Dr. more questions for sure ! They sure are not very forthcoming with the answers and I think it is because it... (4 replies)

... anyone who has had any kind of surgery and if you can give that hope from either your own experience or someone very close to you then it is far better to have a positive attitude to recovery than always looking for the worst. ... (16 replies)
... I was definitely hoping for more activity on this forum, as I haven't found a more active Eye Surgery message board yet, but although I haven't received any responses yet, I'm still looking for information. In the meantime, here is an update. I have had 3 follow up appt.'s since my initial post. To summarize, in appt. #1 the same Dr. who did my 1 day post op repeated that... (1 replies)
... Anyway, keep your spirts high yeah. Although we may not be perfect eyesight after this surgery, we need to understand that there are some things that are important in life apart from eyesight as well, our physical wellbeing of the body and health is important. Do some exercise to keep fit! =) I do not have glaring systoms in the morning, only sunblasting at night. But to me... (23 replies)
... Hey, dont be annoyed. You are still in the very early days of healing. After 1 week, your eyes will be better and that your field of vision will get wider. The doctor has mentioned that it is normal healing process, so give your eyes some time to heal. As for me, I am into my 5th week of healing. My right side has healed completely. However for my left eye, straight vision... (23 replies)
... I had my eye surgery yesterday afternoon. I did mine at LasikPlus in Ohio. It cost me $3300 because my insurance paid 15% of it. My vision was -4.25 in one eye and -4.50 in the other. I have to be honest, I freaked out when I got ready to go in. I took my Xanax and still was freaking out, but I'm a high anxiety person anyways. I'm prone to panic attacks. The procedure... (0 replies)
... starbursts from headlights and other light sources at night. I've read many many accounts that this can take up to 6 months to improve, so I'm trying to remain positive about this. ... (8 replies)
... I am 5wks post op and am going in tomorrow for my appointment. Its been a LONG and EXHAUSTING month. My vision has fluctuated so much in the past month and there were times when I thought it would never get better. I was seeing 20/20 the day after surgery we'll see what tomorrow says. However I have learned that dryness has an extreme effect on vision quality. I actually use... (3 replies)
... My surgery was in October 2007 and a very positive experience. I never really had side effects or problems. It is now January 2009, so about 15 months later. I STILL LOVE IT!!! ... (1 replies)
... Hi airline, I'm especially interested in your experience because you have a high degree of myopia like me (-7.5). I haven't heard many experiences of people with high myopia and LASIK. I was wondering if you can give us an update on how your vision has been recently. Also, how is your night vision? Do you get halos? Thanks! (3 replies)
... Thanks for all the positive feedback. I am glad I did it. ... (23 replies)
... Hello again you two!! Good to see more successful stories (2 replies)
... Cheers Skylar, it's been amazing! very happy. I posted a thread called something like 'my positive laser story';) (4 replies)
... Those of us who are having difficulties usually just try to give an accurate assessment of our situation and often try to submit some positive things too.We also try to seek experience and advice of others. Do we need to be put down connotatively? ... (14 replies)
... You have a great positive attitude and I have a feeling all is gonna go very well for you. ... (6 replies)
... There are study results that showed a higher regression for hyperopic patients and it was more pronounced in those with higher prescriptions. I will think positive but understand the possibilities. ... (3 replies)
... I do appreciate all the feedback, both positive and negative, and took every comment to heart. ... (19 replies)
... I am also having issues with my right eye and am very upset about it. I'm not as positive as everyone else here as I have never been able to read anything on that chart clearly. ... (30 replies)

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