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... Hello weonyc, I had epi-lasik surgery about a month ago. I had it done in Singapore and I have now returned to Paris where I am working. While my right eye is recovering quite nicely, the vision on my left eye is still quite hazy. I was worried and I therefore called my doctor in Singapore (four phone calls to get through a firewall of nurses). He strongly believes it... (13 replies)
... I had my epi-lasik almost four weeks ago. My vision is slowly getting better...but it is very I understand everyone else's frustration. My doctor told me that it will take a few months for the clarity to improve...he said I can see very close to 20/20...but I find that hard to believe! I started driving after about one week...but still don't feel... (13 replies)
... Hey...I had my epilasik done in my right eye on 14th aug 2007...and lasik in my left eye on 21st aug... ... (13 replies)

... Mlewis - Thank you so much for your reply! I know that having been through it yourself you know how aggravating this lack of information is. I'm one month out from my distance eye and still no change. My near eye is great. I just saw the doc yesterday and he agreed that nothing has changed, but that I should be patient and, like you, I wanted to punch him in the nose. I... (13 replies)
... Epi-lasik patients are very rare on the internet and the few I've read were thrilled with their results in 2 - 3 weeks. Not me. I had my left eye corrected for monovision(reading) 7weeks ago and am pleased with those results even though my vision was clearer the first two weeks. The problem is my right eye which was corrected for distance. I couldn't see two feet right... (13 replies)
... Just had my 4 month exam. I tested at 20/20. The line wasn't very sharp, but I could read all the letters. One thing that I am continuing to do is take vitamins, get plenty of rest, not strain my eyes, etc. I have the "miracle eye course method" and used it before the surgery, that course is great because when I was wearing contacts, I went from a -4.75 to a -3.50 in about 8... (13 replies)
... vision in both eyes..its 20 days since i got operated n vision is still not perfect... ... (13 replies)
... Hey shal70, apparently you and I had Epi-Lasik surgery about the same date (mine is on 20/03/2007). Let use this board to share our experiences if it is OK with you. My left eye is giving my double vision and is completely hazy when I step out in the daylight. The doctor says it will improve but it has been a couple of weeks and the vision is still hazy. Good thing I... (13 replies)
... Epilasik was scarry, I was able to see (not that well) about 8 days after the surgery. I was also worried. The first 8 days I almost cried everyday wodering what had I done to myself. After the eight days, I was at 20/40. My vision would be good, then bad, then great, then terrible, After the 2nd month, I was 20/30. The 3rd month was 20/25. I'm going in next week for... (13 replies)
... Still frustrated! It looks like I'm not going to have your good luck. I had my 2 month visit and I've had absolutely no change since the last visit! Since, I wasn't seeing the surgeon, but a brand new eye doctor, I was getting the "Oh, it's too soon. It could get better. Look how much thinner your glasses are. yak, yak, yak." I don't think they expect us to do any... (13 replies)
... I had LASIK approximately six years ago. Immediately, post surgery, I had very minimal halos and starbursts at night. I did notice that bright lights and fluorescent lights bothered me for awhile. ... (9 replies)
... and exactly 3 weeks post surgery and most haze has cleared up by I still have a lot of glare from the sunlight, or lamps in the house or anything that gives off light. ... (0 replies)
... I had the surgery and for the first 3 days with the protective contacts in it improved... but was very blurry maybe 20/40. My vision became worse on the 4th day when they removed the contacts... I was barely able to see. It slightly improved over the next 4 weeks, but was still very blurry. Didn't seem to improve much. Was only better when I put in eyedrops first thing in... (8 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
Jun 19, 2006
... I was also told 10 minutes before surgery that He wanted to do Epi Lasik instead if Lasik. I wasn't afarid because I think they gave me the valum before they told me cause they knew I'd be relaxed. ... (30 replies)
Help and advice
Jun 5, 2012
... OP, if you want to know if LASIK is appropriate for you, just consult an opthamalogist. ... (22 replies)
Help and advice
Jun 5, 2012
... OP, if you want to know if LASIK is appropriate for you, just consult an opthamalogist. ... (22 replies)
Lasek success
Jun 20, 2007
... Hi all 20/15 in both eyes 12 months post-op. Slight starbursting at night, but I consider it a small price to pay. Unless you're + or - 8.00 dioptres out try a surface treatment. They're all pretty much the same but there are new treatments out there like LASEK or Epi-LASIK that can cut some of the pain and recovery time off traditional PRK. Put some serious thought into... (0 replies)
... I had PRK done in October 2012. I believe I was -6.50 and -6.25 in my eyes. Afterwards I was 20/20 but over the months my vision declined, so I had an enhancement done in October 2013 called epi-lasik. Basically he did PRK again minus the scratching on the eye. Laser only he called it. This caused my vision to go backwards which drove me insane. I was back into glasses. Over... (2 replies)

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