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... I agree...the surgery wasn't pain free for me so I was worried that something was going wrong because when they did my second eye it hurt. ... (4 replies)
... blurry double vision and ghosting that is haunting me caused by dryness. They made this assumption because I can read the chart fine 2 seconds right after I put eye drops in. After blink just once or twice I can't even read the biggest letters on the chart!! ... (1 replies)
... yes haven't checked out forum for a while but all good with my eyes still. If I'm really tired they get a bit dry, but overall they're less dry than when I used to wear contact lenses. ... (3 replies)

... I am also 2 years post op and still using Systane a few times a day and a few times a night. I am really hating this dry eye symptom. Are systane drops preservative free? ... (13 replies)
... At my one week check I was seeing 20/25 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left. It hasn't seemed to improve over the last week. I'm very thankful that my vision was enhanced enough that I can function and drive without glasses. BUT, I'm a student and seeing the board in lectures is difficult, also road signs are very blurry. The OD said my eyes were a little dry, but not... (4 replies)
... in my right eye that had the astigmatism. I still haven't experienced dry eyes, halos, bad glares, or any other problems that some people experience. ... (19 replies)
... Hi Ep451, I actually did read your first post (the long one), but not really sure I had any good info to give. However, since no one else is responding, I will. I cannot say that I have had the same problems that you are having, but I can say that at 9-months post-op, my eyes are STILL changing. My vision fluctuated all over the place for the first 6-months. I think... (2 replies)
2 years post lasek
Apr 15, 2014
... in my left and I'm 2 months post op. The Lasik Dr. said more than likely they won't do a touch up if I can still see ok with both eyes. ... (6 replies)
... for me. I have severe starbursts and halos even in daytime. I now know that it's not gonna all of a sudden disappear out of the blue. I got the oh your eyes are dry routine also. ... (6 replies)
... free artificial tears every couple hours, but will begin weaning off of these since I'm not showing symptoms of dry eyes. ... (4 replies)
... I had dry eyes before my my eyes don't feel any different, but I do see better when I use the Systane drops. I am 6 weeks post op and not sure what to think yet. I don't go back for 3 it's just wait and "see"... ... (7 replies)
... Maybe Custom Wavefront has something to do with our success....but others would disagree with that theory as well. Custom makes SENSE to me...everyone's eye is different so everyone should have the option for custom wavefront if the outcome would be better. ... (19 replies)
... er then I have with my glasses. Night driving hasn't changed for me. I do get a little bit of halo but nothing that will stop me from driving. My eyes are rarely dry except for when I wake up. During my last visit, the doctor told me that he could barely see the flap and it was healing perfectly. ... (5 replies)
... The only bad thing he had to say was that my left eye was really dry. It had actually only started acting up about and hour before the appointment. But, other than that...he was tickled! ... (5 replies)
... left and right. I had really dry eyes but everything else was okay. ... (27 replies)
... am the type of person who can not handle anyone touching my eyes but me, and even I can freak myself out sometimes. The very thought of having something hold my eye lids open was, and still is enough to send me into a spine tingling tizzy. But, I sucked it up and did it! ... (4 replies)
... on at the time I went to the lasik clinic in early January 2013 for an evaluation exam. Normal ocular pressure, normal peripheral vision, no sign of cataract, no dry eye, no sign of any corneal disease or other eye disease. Just a small scar on the right cornea, well below and to the right of my dilated pupil. ... (7 replies)
... it became more difficult to wear them, especially in my right eye. Something just didn't feel right. I felt like I wasn't seeing great with my lens in, and my eye was always irritated. I came to find out I had a condition called GPC. I stopped lenses for about 2 months, then tried again, and it wasn't any better. ... (28 replies)
... op visits it seems that the flaps healed properly and they actually look excellent. The vision in right eye is perfect and got stable after about 3 weeks after surgery. No problem ever since, it's brilliant. ... (3 replies)
... Time for an update. Well it's been a LONG 2 months post surgery. The last I posted things were going good UNTIL I had my one month post op appt and the dr cleared me to use regular eye drops and since I sleep with my eyes cracked open he suggested using lacrilube gel while I sleep. ... (12 replies)

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