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... I remember asking for laser eye surgery in my teens and my dad said I was too young. ... (2 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
Jun 19, 2006
... I was also told 10 minutes before surgery that He wanted to do Epi Lasik instead if Lasik. I wasn't afarid because I think they gave me the valum before they told me cause they knew I'd be relaxed. ... (30 replies)
... What happens if someone has surgery today? ... (25 replies)

... I had lens replacement in both eyes a little over three years ago. Followed by PRK in both eyes. It changed my life. I had terrible vision before. My prescription changed at least twice a year. Now, no more contacts, no more glasses. ... (0 replies)
... no haze, no halos, no glare. My night vision is exactly the same as my day vision. Unfortunately, the next surgery will be PRK since you can't have epilasik twice. PRK has a higher rate of those types of complications so naturally I'm concerned. ... (13 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
May 26, 2006
... Those of you who have had PRK, what is your night vision like? I'm nine weeks post-op and my night vision still sucks. There is no difference between now and before the surgery. I spoke to the Dr's office today and was told that it takes longer for night vision to improve. I called to ask about this, in particular, because when I had an appointment last week, I mentioned it... (30 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
Apr 26, 2006
... hello Bowriter. Thank you for your posts - they have been very helpful to me. My vision was -6.0 in my right and -7.50 in my left so I must have been borderline too although I think they measured even worse eysight than that when the evaluated me for the procedure. Like I said in my last post, I think I am in the neighborhood of 20/50 20/60 with my left eye slightly better... (30 replies)
... I know your worry very well. I am now 6 weeks post surgery. ... (26 replies)
... My 1 week post op was at 20/80 left and 20/40 right. My left eye was worse because my contact fell off(PRK patient) and it hurt so much I used too much of those numbing drops which caused a lot of haze. At my 1 month post op my left eye was at 20/25 and right 20/20, I'm just waiting for my left eye to catch up because even though the difference isn't too much its still messing... (5 replies)
... That is not standard lasik, you probably got some kind of version of PRK, or epi-lasik etc. Well it's not just about flap creation, part 2 of surgery is also very very important, no matter if you get flap or no flap method, if second part doesn't do precisely correct or due to limits of custom and optical effective zone, you are not going to be good. So peopole should not be... (1 replies)
... I am 6 months post-op on my wavefront Lasik/PRK. The halos and starbursts have not improved in 5 months. I have made an appointment with another ophthalmologist for a second opinion about my problems. Here are some questions I want to ask regarding statements made by the surgeon who performed the procedure. If anyone could answer them or suggest additional questions to... (6 replies)
Did PRK in OCT
Aug 31, 2007
... s plan. I guess that was the wrong thing to ask! He said he wouldn't do anything differently. I asked what the odds were of getting decent results with a third surgery and he said low. He doesn't recommend further surgery. He cited my "expectations" as one reason. What a jerk. Are there people who are pleased to see poorly? ... (8 replies)
... who will just put me back in glasses and monitor for ectasia and other corneal issues that could occur post Lasik. ... (3 replies)
... in both eyes, which improved following surgery. I still have problems though. The vast majority of improvement occurred in the 3 weeks following surgery and has been slow ever since, but everyone's physiology is different. ... (4 replies)
... Im also watching this post, please let us know how your high level surgery went. Please post as soon as you can see well enuf to use the computer. Very concerned, thanks. ... (6 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
May 18, 2006
... My night vision still sucks. It did before the surgery and it still does. Not that I can't see well, but lights are a problem. They have been for years. ... (30 replies)
... Hey Sam, sorry to hear about your issues. Having LASEK instead of LASIK is nothing to worry about - they both have similar outcomes - but you should be informed beforehand. Mitomycin C is thought to prevent corneal haze, which is a small risk specific to LASEK and PRK (but not LASIK). There are a few reports linking MMC to dry eye, but I see more evidence against that... (1 replies)
... how is your vision after your 2 month post op check up? ... (26 replies)
... I was refered to my laser center by my own optometrist who is doing the post op care for me as he got paid for doing that. In this case, I am not sure if he will give me fair second opinion. ... (26 replies)
... Thanks so much for responding. Your post was one of the first things I have read that just gave me a slight amount of hope - your overcorrection was very small compared to mine though, but I hope that mine regresses over time regardless. The surgeon said I was the third patient ever (out of over 20,000) that he has had that is overcorrected to this degree. It is a horrible... (26 replies)

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