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... I wouldn't say it slows down the healing - it helps to decrease the swelling and inflammation which is important in the healing process. They're definitely necessary, and the eyes will heal fine while using these - otherwise they wouldn't prescribe them. And now that I do the pinch-the-tear-duct thing - the run off in the back of my throat has definitely decreased. I hold... (3 replies)
... months but my doctor told me to use them 1x day after the first week and discontinue after three weeks. doctors use the drops to control healing. using the drops slows down the healing. i didn't understand because i thought i wanted my eyes to heal quickly. ... (3 replies)
... and to stop using the Prednisone drops in a couple of days. I used the drops for over 1 week, first every 2 hours for 2 days, then every 4 hours after. I saw little improvement in my vision. ... (31 replies)

... So I did a google search for Pred Forte eye drops. Wish I'd done it sooner as I wasn't given clear (or any) instructions on how to properly use them. I was told 1 drop each 3x a day. That's it. What I'd wish I'd known was - you're supposed to put it in the lower eyelid (pulled out), gently close your eyes and press gently on the inner corner to keep it from going down your... (3 replies)
... The doctor has been nothing but helpful, inserting collagen plugs, placing me on prednisone drops, etc. What I'm curious about is this......I can see much much better when I put on my old, empty frames! ... (2 replies)
... and the dr told me my corneas were still quite swollen. He said its not uncommon, people heal differently. I was instructed to use the prednisone drops for another 3 weeks until my next visit. My vision definitely fluctuates, and I do have some halos and glare. ... (0 replies)
... I had Lasik done 16 years ago by a corneal surgeon. I have very steep corneas and he kinda joked that I had more than enough cornea for 5-7 procedures. My prescription was -11.75 and -11.5 (only a very tiny, slight astigmatism). The next day after the Lasik I was 20/10 in both eyes. I believe vision stablized about 2 weeks later at 20/20 in left-eye and 20/30 in right eye.... (4 replies)
... Hi all, long-time lurker, first-time post. Back in February I had LASIK done on both eyes, going from roughly a -7 with a few points astigmatism in each eye, to near 20/20 perfection in my left eye, but 20/25 (on a good day) + astigmatism in my right. Unfortunately, my right-eye is dominant, so this discrepancy was really noticeable and causing me headaches. In... (0 replies)
... Hi everybody, Im new to this thread. Ive finally discovered this thread after constantly looking for answers to my own lasik problems. I guess heres a list of my timeline and what has transpired: (i apologize, this is fairly long.. but my experience thus far has been disastrous, and will probably affect my professional life permanently) Im 27 years old, and because of both... (7 replies)
... During my LASIK procedure (9 days ago) I developed a small corneal abrasion in my right eye. During the first night, both eyes burned a bit, but my right eye was extremely tearful. The next morning it felt uncomfortable to open both eyes, but especially my right eye. I had a follow-up appointment that morning with an assistant doctor who told me of the corneal abrasion. I... (31 replies)
... hmm I wasn't aware of the proper usage either. One thing I know for sure is that it tastes like crap in the back of the throat! (3 replies)

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