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... I think I remember my doc wanting a stable prescription for at least 2 years but, by stable, they mean minimally stable. If your prescription changed just a little bit over the past 2 years, that is not big deal. You might still be a good candidate. ... (1 replies)
... Is it always essential to have a stable eyesight prescription over, say, a 12 month period before having Lasik surgery ? ... (1 replies)
... Never had this, bu be extra safe. Research your Dr and see if any malpractice cases or complaints are out there. (1 replies)

... glasses with this prescription and I see great with them. ... (1 replies)
... Hi there, I'm looking into LASIK surgery and can't figure out if my prescription is stable enough to have it done. ... (0 replies)
... i know you guys aren't doctors or anything but i am just looking for some opinions on how vital your doctors seemed to think a stable prescription was because i thought it was one of the main parts of being a candidate. ... (1 replies)
... One of the requirements for my surgery was stable vision. I think that meant that my eyes haven't changed MUCH in the past year. ... (1 replies)
... sure on this but i am quite sure that it is very important that your prescription is stable before you go ahead with the surgery. schedule a few consultations and be prepared with some questions. ... (2 replies)
... When I got my exam, the doc told me that I had a minor change from my current prescription and I was still a candidate and had my surgery 2 months ago yesterday. I think, like Trinity said, as long as it isn't a major change, you should be fine. ... (4 replies)
... and having a stable prescription. ... (0 replies)
... Absolutely, go with the advice from Optimax. Consider the fact that they turned you down even though it meant lost revenue. Everything I've read says that a stable prescription is needed for a year or more. ... (2 replies)
... Hey, I have been looking at laser eye surgery recently. I contacted Optimax who asked for my previous 3 years prescription before I visit, I told them and they instantly turned me down saying my eyes weren't stable enough yet, no consultation needed. ... (2 replies)
... ere I belive, it's still more expensive than high quality comfortable glasses with high quality lenses which can last for 5years or even more depending does your prescription change over time or you don't break them during some sport or something. ... (25 replies)
... It has been eight months since my surgery for myopia. I am 56 and I had progressive glasses with steadyly increasing prescription strenght for my presbyopia (last prescription a year ago +2.25) and stable prescription for myopia during that period at around -3.5 with 1.5 astigmatism at 90 degrees My far vision has stabilized at 20/15 in both eyes after lasik. I use +2.0... (36 replies)
... d now with lasik. You should compare it with your vision before with glasses, not without, ofcourse you couldnt see without glasses. Now they literally put those prescription into your eyes, so its liek permanent prescription on your cornea. ... (1 replies)
... wise. Some are not stable until 40. So please go easy on the enhancements. This is not casual surgery but seriously traumatic to your cornea. ... (3 replies)
... old's eyesight should be fairly stable. My prescription was stable at 19. ... (2 replies)
... old's eyesight should be fairly stable. My prescription was stable at 19. ... (0 replies)
... Was your vision stable before the surgery? ... (8 replies)
... ight wasn't. Can't recall the amount of astigmatism cylinder, but it was substantial. Not sure if it was more or less than what I started with. I do know the the prescription for my correctable left eye was actually more than what I had pre op. I have horrible ghosting in my right eye especially. ... (0 replies)

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