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... Wow, either my memory was bad, or I was very lucky. My original Lasik was done 16 years ago. ... (18 replies)
... I've been posting in the "eye" forum for sometime because of RCE. I had PTK with PRK 8 months ago. I can relate to the eye feeling like a dirty contact. I can say that has gotten much much better. ... (8 replies)
... PRK with Wavefronts" I believe she said to fix my vision or better said my Irregular Astigmatism. ... (0 replies)

... and maybe not as quick as the other did. and that its still got to heal more. I go tomorrow for my checkup...So im drinking v8 juice to help heal as they say its good for your eyes haha. either way i can see SO well, but i think the hazy eye, may just have a case of dry eye, because after drops its pretty clear... ... (10 replies)
... da got a headache, but things that i've read that are normal after the surgery. I've had mine done now since the 12th and todays the 17th and today i am having a bad day... ... (10 replies)
... Lasik or prk is not cheap anywhere I belive, it's still more expensive than high quality comfortable glasses with high quality lenses which can last for 5years or even more depending does your prescription change over time or you don't break them during some sport or something. ... (25 replies)
... I have to have PRK because of thin corneas. The doctor suggested I wait at least 2 weeks apart before getting the second eye done so that I'll have at least one good eye while the other heals. ... (25 replies)
... there Brown Eyes! Don't worry too much about getting PRK. Better to be safe than sorry. My corneas were thick enough but my astigmatism is what forced the PRK. PRK is actaully a safer procedure because they do no cutting of a flap. There is not risk of flap errors or tearing corneas. ... (25 replies)
... get clear, then blurry. This goes on all day. And it doesn't get clear after I use my eye drops. It just happens. Off and on all day. I don't know if that is a good thing, or if it is something that is expected, but it sure as heck an improvement over lsat week. ... (30 replies)
... ht lights and fluorescent lights bothered me for awhile. I had a lot of astigmatism prior to LASIK. I was assured by five separate opthalmologists that I was a good candidate for LASIK due to my pupil size, lack of problem with distance vision and astigmatism. ... (9 replies)
... You are really going through a lot. I'm sorry it's not going well. I don't know why they did both eyes at once, because with PRK and the extended healing time involved, most doctors recommend getting one eye done at a time. ... (30 replies)
... Well money is not the issue as LASIK and PRK is quite cheap in my country. And i my doctor suggested me PRK instead of LASIK as he said PRK involves less risks. ... (25 replies)
... Lasik on July 30th. I didn't want to do traditional lasik because of the risk of flap complications. The surgeon simply said I'm a good candidate for either one. But the way he described what he'd do it sounded more like PRK to me. ... (9 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
Apr 13, 2006
... So, hopefully I will get good news again Saturday and will be told my vision is still improving. My eyes are still a bit rough, I was told. But, we'll see. ... (30 replies)
Did PRK in OCT
Jun 14, 2007
... astigmatism so I can get by without glasses but it's not a great way to go around having everything fuzzy and I need to wear glasses nearly all the time at work or if I want to enjoy a movie or drive somewhere unfamiliar. ... (8 replies)
... No need to apologize for a long reply. I look forward to them, as I know I'll be reading some good information. ... (30 replies)
... The PRK may take longer to heal but if the result is as good as it feels now, or better, I am very happy! ... (7 replies)
... I had PRK on September 26 2014 from a nationwide chain, exactly 6 months from today. ... (5 replies)
... happy with the surgery is because my vision was not that bad to start with. i could already function fine without contacts or glasses but I wanted clearer vision as well. ... (16 replies)
... SESS if the Lasik went awry or deteriorated to the extent that some have describe... and with MY luck it SO would! ... (2 replies)

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