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... let you try it for a week or so to see if it's what you want. If you like it, you can keep the lense or have that eye adjusted for reading like I did. It's just bad to look at your plate and see blurry stuff. ... (13 replies)
... has been nothing but professional and caring. They sit so patiently answering all my questions. I almost feel bad that I am asking so many questions, but they never ever rush me. ... (13 replies)
... I don't want to scare you, just prepare you. It was not too bad on the morning of day two. ... (25 replies)

PRK need help
Aug 14, 2017
... My right eye had ghosting and blurry vision for 6 weeks~ and now its better so i think you still have time to heal : ) But if you are really worried go to a doctor just to be sure everything is fine. Try to see if your vision gets better after you put eye drops (4 replies)
PRK need help
Aug 14, 2017
... hi i had lasik about 3 weeks ago. idont have the problems you have but my reading vision was good for a week but now its bad again. im really depressed. i have to take a certification test for work and i cant study. im worried. so i guess we have that in common. what did you go in for? ... (4 replies)
... Somehow all month my vision's been even worse. It seems almost as bad as before the surgery but with worse close up vision now. I'm starting those exercises but it's getting frustrating. ... (5 replies)
... now, it's just bad enough to be irritating without glasses. ... (26 replies)
... Hi penny4luck, at least your overcorrection has come down quite a bit from 300 to 1.25 now. Are you totally off from all steroid drops and only using artificial tears now? My doctor is still insisting me to stick with 4 steroid drops a day (Lotemax). My vision is bad. Yes one reason is because two eyes are not the same. I feel they are around +1 L and +2 R, and 1.0... (26 replies)
... I share the same problem , I had the blended vision Lasik PRK 3 weeks ago, in order to get rid of my reading glasses ( 1.75) , the doctor corrected my dominant eye ( left) to the near, and the right eye for distance, I ended up reading small scripts but the distant vision is blurry , as if I have traded my long sightedness with short one. In my 2nd week visit to the doctor he... (5 replies)
... Hi Jbc3 I have almost the same sintoms that you are talking about. I did PRK surgery 3 years ago, just once, but the results are that my non-dominant eye(left eye) is fully corrected and the dominant eye is a litle blurry. This results make my non-dominant eye see better, and my brain doesnt accept it. It cause all the systoms you said. I already tried a lot of lens,... (5 replies)
... corrected. PRK can take up to one year for your vision to fully stabilize. ... (5 replies)
... I had PRK over 2 years ago, and a subsequent enhancement over 1 year ago. ... (5 replies)
... With your rx - you are in high risk territory!! See some of my other posts. Would talk now, but have to go out with gkids. There are no positives-if you, your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever dont like your glasses-too bad! If you are having corrected vision problems with glasses, stay away from high index, go back to old plastic lenses. Anyway, with your rx... (6 replies)
... ute great imforative post! I am just about 15 months out from this disaster. No change in my starburts and halos at all. I drive for a living so it's been pretty bad but I am pushing forward. Like you I did the second opinion routine also. ... (17 replies)
... Hoots that is really small prescription, you can even function without glasses, like swimming, running etc. I had -7, literally blind. I would advise not to let them cut your eyes. You can end up with bad low light vision, halos, starburst, it seems that kind of side effects are more common, but it also seems some clinics or majority of lasik industry doesn't make that to be... (17 replies)
... right eye -.75, -.50 x 164 left eye -1.0, -.25 x 167 Not that bad. (17 replies)
... I had my two week check up today. The doc says I'm seeing 20/30 (good enough to drive). This is a huge improvement over where I was without glasses before the treatment; however, the double vision (ghosting) and blurriness is still bad. The doc says I'm doing good and that when I come back in two weeks I should see marked improvement. I hope so since we are going to China... (8 replies)
Anyone have PRK??
Apr 26, 2006
... Hey there both of you! I hope you are both doing okay. My vision was -5.25 (contact lense prescription) in my right eye and -6.25 for my left, or something like that. Both were bad. It's been a little over 2 months for my right eye and my doctor did a quick check on the eye chart last night for me (I was really in there to have my knee checked, but he was curious too, as to... (30 replies)
... years ago, my eyes went bad and I have been in contacts for probably about the last 7 or 8 years, I'm not quite sure. I am done with that routine. And an adjustment? ... (13 replies)
... ays you'll see great, and others not so great. That is normal. My husband is about 6 months post and he still has good and not so good days. Don't want to say bad days, that was pre op. I do drops almost every hour, try more often. I am using Allergan Refresh Liquigel. ... (13 replies)

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