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... is when you take off your distance glasses you get a few extra year of reading without glasses but eventually end up with bifocals. ... (5 replies)
... I am coming to realize it is from eye dryness. I am ok reading but the computer, TV, reading still bothers me 3 mo. after. Try gel tears it lasts longer in the eye than the standard lubricant drops and is made by the same companies. ... (2 replies)
... to watch TV, drive and see other far away things to bring the distance sight in clearer. Is it ok for me to use both reading glasses for distance and near work? ... (2 replies)

... I was wondering if anybody is having the same experience an any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Iam also only 37 so should not be suffering from needing reading glasses yet. My doctor also assures me he has not overcorrected me, if anything I am slightly under. ... (2 replies)
... until I had Lasik in April of this year, and since then have needed reading glasses. ... (2 replies)
... News flash, Jose... this is "normal". As you age, you are going to depend upon reading glasses more and more, LASIK or no LASIK, so you might as well get used to it. ... (2 replies)
... e computer. Which is what I do all day at work. But the typing is a bit blurry. I also read a lot of forms and input data from paperwork. I can use my husbands reading glasses to see the paperwork, but not the computer. ... (2 replies)
... He also said that most people need reading glasses starting at around 40 and I would need them sooner or later regardless. ... (5 replies)
... close. I am considering LASIK for distance, and would then need reading glasses for close work. ... (4 replies)
... lose of course......I am probably going to get an enhancement in 3 months unless there is a miracle and my eyesight gets better........Before lasik I didn't need reading glasses but am thinking after the enhancement it will be invevitable......anyone out there got lasik at this age and didn't need them.... ... (5 replies)
... ry. I had enhancement surgery in July. The vision in the left eye seems to be coming along however the right eye is still blurry at distance. I no longer need reading glasses to see distance. ... (2 replies)
... Continues to get better, so no reading glasses ;-) (4 replies)
... Thank you for your replies. The blurriness is already getting better, so I'm also thinking it's from swelling. I tried on some reading glasses in the meantime to see if it helped and it had no effect, another verification that it's probably from swelling. ... (4 replies)
... I just had Interlase 2 days ago and can see well at a distance but not up close. I can't read or use computer well as all is blurry. I feel like I need reading glasses now after the surgery when I didn't before. I'm only 31. Is this a normal healing thing or has the surgery compromised my close up vision? ... (4 replies)
... I had lasik 5 days ago and I'd like input from anyone who may share a commonality with me about 2 things: 1) Anyone come out with double vision in one of your eyes? My doc said my corneas were rough and it was inflamation and would go away. So far, it's the same as when I got up off the table. Any encouragement there? 2) He told me to get a pair of 1.75 reading glasses (... (0 replies)
... r and either up close or far away. That gives me hope that when things finish it will be better. Oh and the afternoons are better than mornings. I am using the reading glasses in the morning but by 2ish I don't need them anymore. ... (2 replies)
... I am 52 yrs old and worn bifocal before my LASIK 3days ago. While my new vision is good, my near vision seems worse than it was before. I need reading glasses for computer and everyhting seems blury within 3 or 4 ft. Is this problem temporary? ... (5 replies)
... and at 40 started having problems seeing close up as well. several years ago, my doc recommended monovision contacts so that i could see close up without reading glasses and also distance. i immediatedly loved them. ... (11 replies)
... ghtly more blurry than others such as red when looking a the computer or monitor screens. And a couple of other things you will need more light to read even with reading glasses, you will see halos around signs and lights at night for awhile. It will take time but most of this will clear up. ... (5 replies)
... I have read some stuff that says "If you are over 40 and have Lasik, you will likely need reading glasses afterwards." That never really made sense to me. I'm 23, so I didn't think much about it when I had it done. ... (5 replies)

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