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Healing Time?
Apr 4, 2006
... e worse than yours but so far, I'm okay. The first two weeks were touch and go because the vision was a little unstable. Now it has almost been two months for my right eye and almost a month for my left. I had PRK which actually, takes longer to heal for the eyes. My swelling went down by day three and wasn't a problem. ... (6 replies)
... You are still extremely early in the process, and yes it is totally normal for your eyes to be different. It takes a week or two for the initial major swelling to go down, and then you'll still see changes over the following few months. ... (9 replies)
... The thing is the laser eye surgeon's office made an error - my eye was never +300. It was always around +150 or so in the left eye. They miscalculated the prescription. This is why I highly recommend getting a very good optometrist to spend some time and provide you with an accurate prescription. Yes, I am not on steroids - they took me off of steroids completely at the... (26 replies)

... Wilson, sorry to hear that the vision in your left eye has not improved greatly. By now I am sure you had your 2 week post op. Did the doc say anything about any swelling of the cornea? ... (31 replies)
... hi, again I had the right eye done today a few hours ago and am very happy with the results. ... (6 replies)
Lasik danger!!
Apr 11, 2006
... Hi! This is absolutely ridiculous what you told us about your complications. Mine were just trouble focusing, weird vision for the 1st month or so (very different from what I saw with glasses), slight blurriness in the right eye due to some swelling probably (the pupil in that eye was slightly bigger than in the other one) but according to them it`s 20/15 in both eyes.. Plus... (8 replies)
... I had mine done in Dec 2005. I had severe corneal edema afterwards and was legally blind for 2 weeks. As the swelling went down, my vision in my left eye slowly improved and is now 20/30. My right eye developed astigmatism from uneven healing and is 20/100. I have to wear a contact lens in that eye or I cannot read or drive at night (ghosting, halos). I had weekly... (7 replies)
... d day out and my vision is far from good. I am 52 and I did realize that I would need reading glasses and I was fine with that. I am actually using my husbands right now or I wouldn't be able to see even good enough to type. My problem is that I can't see far either. It is better than before surgery but still very blurry. ... (2 replies)
... and would STOP fluctuating, I feel like I can't trust my eyes at this point..... At this point when I am out I can see the distant signs good with the left eye the one I think is over corrected, and with the right eye they are blurry.... the blurriness shouldn't be there? ... (3 replies)
... Not sure. He did tell me they were going to hurt when I used them when he put me on them. Maybe my swelling makes them sting more. At any rate I stop taking them tomorrow and they haven't helped at all. ... (16 replies)
... ays post op, I had Custom Wavefront LASIK on both eyes. My vision is the same as the day after the surgery. In my left eye, I have slight double vision, and my right eye has triple vision. ... (3 replies)
... screen is hard to see. The doctor told me this is due to swelling and a natural part of healing. So, I'll keep waiting for that to improve. ... (36 replies)
... I ended up with corneal edema for 2 weeks and was legally blind for that time, until the swelling went down. I lost 3 weeks of work. ... (19 replies)
... but my right eye is awful! More blurry than before the surgery for certain. They tell me that as the swelling goes down my vision will clear, but I've resigned myself to getting an enhancement as soon as possible. Is this an option for you? ... (5 replies)
... Maybe on the 16th I will get positive news about the trauma swelling going down but I doubt it as I have stopped working now due to my right eye being so blurry. What a huge huge mistake this was. ... (16 replies)
... So I had Lasik almost two weeks ago. Monday will make it exactly two weeks since surgery. It went okay but my left eye was a bit more painful than the right when I got it done. ... (16 replies)
Does it hurt?
May 21, 2008
... The only discomfort I can say I experienced was one eye when they applied the suction to keep the eye from moving. ... (6 replies)
... g they will get used to bad vision even though they are not perfect candidates. Crazy. I know this is not in my mind, as i said, other clinic tried to measure my eye error now, machine cannot read it because of so much error while my pupil is wide. ... (16 replies)
... Hi its me again, just went to the eye doctor my vision which was 9.50 and 10.00 at my first week appt. ... (8 replies)
... cted. This starts to improve over time. If you are still at that high of an overcorrection at 2 or 4 months then its time for concern. If you are moving in the right direction then its a good chance that at 6 months or a year you will be alot better. Prk takes longer for healing and swelling to go away. ... (26 replies)

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