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... So I go to my surgeron and he says I have dry eye in some spots and to try thera tears nutrition. ... (8 replies)
... on the right eye. I call my right eye my cyborg eye hah. but maybe that would work with the patch. ... (8 replies)
... I had my LASIK done three weeks ago. 4 days after the surgery I accidentally rubbed my left eye, it hurt for a few minutes then was sore the rest of the day. The day after, there was no pain, just a strange feeling like pressure or a bruise on the eyeball. ... (1 replies)

... Hello my fellow dry eye sufferers. I just wanted to let you know that, a year, one month and 3 weeks after my surgery, I may be kicking the dry eye issue. I still have really, almost painfully dry eyes first thing in the AM when I get out of bed. But, here is how great it is during the day. ... (24 replies)
... Sometimes i also wonder if I have droopy eyelid on the left eye. Sometimes it seems to hang a little, but only on certain days. Maybe its just the days it strains more it hangs. I dunno if that'd effect eyesight though... ... (8 replies)
... All is going well except my left eye feels a little sore and almost bruised like. I went in on Tuesday for my one day post op and they said all was ok. ... (0 replies)
... All is going well except my left eye feels a little sore and almost bruised like. I went in on Tuesday for my one day post op and they said all was ok. ... (2 replies)
... Hi James, I use a sleep mask at night because my eyes get so dry and sore. It really helps. I use a cheap satin mask from Wal-Mart. They cost about $3. I don't think that it's too bothersome, no where near as annoying as those goggles you have to wear right after surgery. I like the Celluvisc tears and the Thera Tears Liquigel, but right now I'm using BION tears,... (18 replies)
... it became more difficult to wear them, especially in my right eye. Something just didn't feel right. I felt like I wasn't seeing great with my lens in, and my eye was always irritated. I came to find out I had a condition called GPC. I stopped lenses for about 2 months, then tried again, and it wasn't any better. ... (28 replies)
... with one eye left slightly myopic for reading. I passed the DMV eye test the next day with both eyes and was happy. I had halos for a couple of weeks and dry eyes for a couple of weeks and both went away. Sounds great right? ... (3 replies)
... I had my eye surgery yesterday afternoon. I did mine at LasikPlus in Ohio. ... (0 replies)
Does it hurt?
May 28, 2008
... i felt like i'd been hit by a truck!!! i was sore all the next day too! but that was because i couldn't make myself relax.... nothing to do with the actual procedure itself! ... (6 replies)
... d a much better week this week. Last week was just absolutely HORRIBLE. I know part of the reason I am having a better week is due to the corrective lense in my left eye. Unfortunately. I would like to think it's because my eyes are healing and I can get rid of the lenses completely. ... (30 replies)
... yrs old, and kinda quit playing them due to interest. My friend got that xbox 360 and my eyes felt almost cross eyed after i left from playing it for a few hours. but after i drove home they felt better and strong again lol. ... (8 replies)
... these fluctuate. They have not completely left me yet but sometimes the same light will have them bigger and then other times much smaller in the same light conditions. ... (23 replies)
... or so. I wish I left it at that. ... (8 replies)
... Today both are not as bad as they were,. but my right eye vision is terrible...cant focus. It seems to be overnight my eyes are drying out so bad that they spend the day sore. ... (5 replies)
... I had it done about six weeks ago and my right eye did OK but my left eye is blurry. I've had constant dry eyes and have to put in drops every few hours. My eyeballs are still sore weeks after surgery. ... (20 replies)
... The procedure was barely anything to worry about! My left eye was a little sore with the suction ring thing but, that is just because I have small eyelids and features. ... (1 replies)
... from my left... my right eye is noticeably stronger and I can see farther and more clearly out of this eye... ... (0 replies)

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