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... Op this morning. Left eye still blurry, but I think it's getting better, dryer than the right, which I'm sure contributes to the blurriness and less sharp vision. ... (6 replies)
... I had lasik surgery five weeks ago approx. and please make sure you use the eye drops every 15 mins or so. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks Bunnystar1 for the reply. It has been 18 days now and my vision is still blurry...... It has gotten a little better, but it still sucks. I don't know what to think! I have read where people will go for 6 to 8 weeks with this blurry vision after an abrasion and that's normal. ... (31 replies)

... Oh Strawxberry! Fear not, I very much doubt it's that serious long-term. Having said that, 20/200 or 20/400? That does sound bad for day 3, but aren't how that would normally be measured. What was your original prescription, and what procedure did you have (LASIK or LASEK, 'Intralase/bladeless/femtosecond/all laser' or with a microkeratome)? Mine was LASIK Intralase... (9 replies)
... and that now I am slightly myopic. I was wondering how long after your first treatment it was before thay agreed to redo your eyes? ... (67 replies)
... then fades. So, vision is sharp as long as my eyes are moist but as they dry out, it becomes more blurry. I have a friend who had the same issue and reports that after several months the sharpness dominated and was permanent. So, fingers crossed! Or should I cross my eyes? ... (67 replies)
... it seems its not improving at all. im quite deperate now, and regretting my decision to have lasik surgery. ... (37 replies)
... Sucks to hear you are still experiencing difficulty on month out. I'm two weeks out and my left eye is not doing well. I had an abrasion the day after the surgery and since then, it has "healed" but my left eye is blurry at all distances. ... (8 replies)
... Now, after I got up, I was blurry and my eyes were sensitive to the light but, I really believe that that was because they had dialated my pupils before the procedure. ... (25 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your experience. I have never been happy about getting lasik and prk, but my symptoms have at least remained stable. ... (3 replies)
... weeks for near vision to return to normal in my rt eye which is and was Plano. Lft eye is still not to my standard of normal because was slightly over corrected. i am hoping for continued improvement which I notice in baby steps with the left eye. ... (2 replies)
... So how can you be happy with that, you have halos and starburst at night, something you didn't have prior to surgery, you have blurry hazy indoor vision, something you didn't have prior surgery. So how is that ok? ... (9 replies)
... It is encouraging to hear that it worked out for you. I am beginning to think I will need the same. Was the enhancement procedure very similar to the original? Did you have to go back to wearing the goggles at night? Lots of drops? (67 replies)
... Who had you considered to do your surgery and who actually did your surgery? Would you say they were accurate in addression risks? (22 replies)
... Who had you considered to do your surgery and who actually did your surgery? Would you say they were accurate in addression risks? (22 replies)
... I had lasik surgery on one eye four days ago. So far I haven't been able to see far nor close. ... (22 replies)
... How long did you need drops round the clock after LASIK? ... (3 replies)
... Your eyes are definitely still healing, and will for a few months. I had lasik back in September, and my eyes still fluctuate and feel dry on some days. Best thing I ever did though. I definitely agree the the cold weather and dry heat makes it worse. Keep using the tears. ... (5 replies)
... I had lasik 5 months ago. ... (1 replies)
... Is that wavefront optimized or custom? (14 replies)

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