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Hi 48CCR,

It must be really hard for you to study in a second language. Doing a master program is not easy. I understand the frustration you are going through on top of the language issue. I am a ESL grad student as well.

It doesn't sound like dyslexia to me thought, because your spelling is perfect. It's hard and inappropriate to give you any diagnosis here, but what you could do is to visit the disability services office at your school, they might have some insight of what your problem could be, and refer you to some further testing.

I hope you can hang in there and find help you need. Good luck!

[QUOTE=48CCR;3867601]I am glad to be member here
First, my English is my second language, sorry for grammar.
I am Master student here in London. I started my first term very good.
I have a lot of assignments, isn't problem for me. But my curve is go down sharply, I got A, C and E.. The problem is I couldn't think, write and read, I completely blocked..Now I failed in rest of my courses. It is very sad, but it is out of my hand. However, I have been told that maybe I have type of dyslexia, and I have also bad eczema in my leg. I didn't take test or went to doctor.. I don't like to talk about my problem, I hide it from my univ..and know i am in bad situation.
Anybody here help me what is wrong with me? should i drop out from univ?:(


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