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Hi all,

My daughter is 8 and just finished the 2nd grade in a private school. She was tested at the end of kindergarten (total struggle to get public school to test her). they said she was too smart to be considered special ed, but she defintely had learning disability--just not sure what it was. She did not qualify for reading aid through public shcool, but the private school did give her aid occasionally. We also pay $200.00 per month for a dyslexia tutor, using Susan Barton method. We did not pay to have her diagnosed, because of the cost--we felt we should use our limited resources to help her get through 2nd grade, which she did.

DD did well in spelling, and math, but still struggles in reading and dysgraphia. Her state test scores came to an average of 31% (meaning she only tested higher than 31 % of all 2nd graders in the country. ) Interestingly enough--her scores were all almost exactly the same across the board--which would indicate to me that it is a pervasive problem and not just a single issue. Could this still be dyslexia? She is a VERY hard worker and managaed to keep b's and c's, but her testing also showed that she is losing ground--she only moved ahead a very small percentage point in each subject instead of a whole point as would be expected.

We are not sure whether to continue the dyslexia tutor or try something else--but what??


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