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... Hi, i just had a question about spelling and dyscaluia . i am smart but what holds me back is two thing spelling and dyscaluia. ... (16 replies)
... wow that makes sinse i love this health messege board i have learned so much. wow thanks every one for your help. :wave: (16 replies)
... Spelling is not an academic subject. It is merely a curtesy to the reader. That is why spelling is separate from reading and math when an assessment is given. There are many successful people in our world who have no idea how to read, write, spell or do mathematics. What they do have is the detemination to go after what they want and get help where they can. If you have... (16 replies)

... At least you are going to go back in september and try rather than give up, GOOD ON YOU. Keep up the hard work and you will suckseed. I wish you all the luck. Sammie p xx (16 replies)
... All this hard work that i am doing was for nothing i am so mad right now i could spit bullets. ok so i will tell you what happend yesterday. i had everything ready. took me all day to learn the school and where every thing was and all that i got there at 9:20 at around 2:00 they go you are going to need a 300.00 down payment. i go oh $#%^ and then i need 300.00 for my books i... (16 replies)
... Sounds more like Dyslexia to me - contrary to popular belief, Dyslexia does NOT just affect spelling but can also affect maths and other areas. (16 replies)
... I agree, in light of the fact that one is bad at math: spelling, reading.... what have you, it does not imply mental ineptitude. I use to be what I thouht was the worse person to ever attempt any form of mathematics, but now, I'm pretty adept. I have found ways to calculate numbers much faster than I ever thought possible. A prime example of my success I will now... (16 replies)
... None of us are stupid, we just spell the words as they sound to us, it would be alot easier if everyone else spelt the same as we did, but we are talented in other ways, if we were all the same life would be boring. (16 replies)
... I have big problems with spelling. It's an embarrasement at work too! I check everything over and over and still mistakes. I find the spell checker on the computer is great but i don't remember how the words are spelled when i use it. I got a good dictionary and look up words that way, it helps a bit. Funny thing is I sometimes look up the same word over and over. I don't... (16 replies)
... Starter7777 - you sound juct like me, that is the way i try to do things but it doesnt all ways work, i dont think i could have explained it, i think its great the way you have been able to put it down on paper. Thankyou Waiting for 1 - good luck with everything (16 replies)
... wow thank you so much for helping me. That does help alot i have the same problem. Everything you said was the same as i have been going through. i had to edit this post because it looked like poo LMAO so haveing that said i would like to get checked out. well thanks for your time. (16 replies)
... Well, despite some problems I have had with math, with the exeption of sequencing problems, I have overcame most of my problems; heres' how. Being the niave person I am, I never wanted to accept my brian functioned on a comepltetly different level than most of my peers; so I became frustrated. I'm a visual person, and I have to have a visual for about anything I do! So... (16 replies)
... It looks just like a calculator, so what if they laugh, thats petty and they will be laughing on the other side of their faces when you get the job you have dreamed of. Surely if their in college they will be mature enough to understand and be civil. My dh works at a college and the students who do have learning problems get given there own laptops or a private helper and... (16 replies)
... I have never herd of one of them. they sound very nice though something i would find of use. so i went to the college yesterday took the test. and i was like 25 mintues late, so at the end shes like you did not finsh the reading and comprehection (if you don't finsh it it means you are slow) so when and if i get it i am not going to be in the normal room i am pissed. :eek: i... (16 replies)
... Mines a veterinary nurse, hence why big words pose a problem! You can do it if you set your mind to it, i have a spell master - which is like a calculator but it spells the word for you, its really helpfull but not with the scientific words we use so thats a bit of a problem! Had you thought of getting one of these? (16 replies)
... i am going through the same thing. i went to the college today to sigh up and i did ok but i have to take the placement test tomorrow. i am so scared i am studying right now to makes sure i have learned something. the career i am going in to involved spelling and i am scared but i have to do this non of my family has gotten past high school like they did not even finsh high... (16 replies)
... I can count change, add in my head (but using my fingers!), take away (again using my fingers but if its alot a calculator has to lend a helping hand), i can read well but not aloud only in my head, i struggle with stupid little words and big ones to but not as much, my writeing is readable when i concentrate, and i cant for the life of me do my x table - apart from the 1's,... (16 replies)

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