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math deficiency (11)
math disorder (231)
math disorder criteria (11)
math disorder how to know (73)
math disorder in college (42)
math disorder, age 4 (35)
math disorders (78)
math dyslexia (46)
math learning disorder (73)
math learning disorders (21)
mathematical disorder (17)
mathematics disorder (18)
maths disorder (18)
memory no retention (81)
memory retention add (18)
memory retention depression (72)
memory retention disorder (20)
memory retention disorders (21)
memory retention for 7 year old (12)
memory retention for add (15)
memory retention in school (20)
memory retention issues (22)
memory retention medication (17)
memory retention problems (77)
mental development of a 9 year old (31)
mental development of a 9 year old (31)
mental development of a 9 year old (31)
mental development of a 9 year old (31)
message (86336)
mild disorder spelling (20)
mirror writing age 4 (22)
mirror writing at age 4 (22)
motivated to study (94)
my 17 year old daughter is very smart but is failing all her classes (15)
my 17 year old in failing school.. (29)
my 6 year old has severe speech delay? (18)
my 7 year old has problems with speech (195)
my 9 year old development (402)
my 9 yr old son is having a hard time in reading comprehension and math afcts any suggestions (29)
my child is upside down (128)
my child is writing backwards (10)
my child writes from right to left (15)
my daughter has a learning disability (114)
my daughter wrote her name for a year and now is writing backwards (31)
my failing son (366)
my problem with spelling (1051)
my son failing high school (49)
my son has problems concentrating (58)
my son has problems learning (472)
my son has problems studying (53)
my son is a grade e student help! (88)
my son is being held back (271)
my son is going to be 5 and he has problems with understaning and speech (2742)
my son is slow at school (256)
my son was held back from kindergarten (12)

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