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Worrying symptoms
Mar 22, 2015
Hi, I'm 20 years old and worried.

I had a blood test around a week and a half ago and at the time was experiencing fatigue and headaches, the WBC came back slightly elevated I don't have the exact number unfortunately. However since then I seem to have got worse.

My symptoms are:
Occasional leg cramps
Body aches
Dull heavy head permanently and facial pain (nose, forehead, eyes) for around 5 days now.

I'm worried that as I haven't gotten any better since the blood test, that my WBC could have actually gone up in the past week without me knowing? Is this possible?

I only found out recently that this is a sign of leukemia - I've had microscopic blood in my urine (High WBCs in urine) for around 2 and a half months now. I had absolutely no clue this could be a sign of leukemia. The doctor didn't seem worried though but I have had to do quite a few urine samples.

I'm worried about leukemia as my symptoms seem to fit a few relating to leukemia.

What are the chances in a 20 year old f? And does this sound like leukemia?

I'm sorry for posting I'm just worried and I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow, just looking for advice!

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