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Should I be scared?
Jul 12, 2015
Hi everyone. Recently I've developed some symptoms which have started to worry me. I'm going to try get an appointment with my gp tomorrow but he always dismisses my symptoms and I'm not good at demanding tests etc. After reading my symptoms, do you think he should requests blood tests for leukemia without me needing to ask him?
Anyway, I literally wake up with multiple bruises. Not just one or two either. As soon as the old ones fade more seem to pop up. I've also noticed several 'blood spots'. There's one on my breast, one next to my shoulder, one on my arm and one on my leg. In ALWAYS Tired! No amount of sleep refreshes me. I get dizzy within minutes of standing only for a couple of seconds. I often get an uncomfortable feeling under my lower left ribs. I describe it as 'when you're pregnant and the baby has its foot poking under your ribs or something'. Every so often I wake up with the most horrible aches in my legs as though I'd ran a marathon! Which usually lasts a whole day. I'm pale. But I've always been pretty pale anyway. When I go to bed I have episodes of dizziness when closing my eyes, it feels like my bed is being pushed back and forth really fast as opposed to spinning around though? I'm always sweating! I have frequent headaches. Occasional deep ache in my bones. Mostly my arms. Episodes of blurry vision. Breathlessness. I get out of breath even when sitting. It feels like no amount of breath that I take feels 'satisfying' as it normally would do. If that makes sense? I think that's everything. Should I be worried?

After noting my symptoms, should my gp consider leukemia as very likely? I should also mention that I had a fingerprick test a couple of weeks ago which I think was to check iron levels and they came back fine. Would that have come back low if leukemia was possible?

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