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I just wanted to see if I should pursue asking a doc to retest my blood.

About 1.5 years ago I ruptured a disc in the cervical spine (C5-C6). When the first test in Nov of 2014 was taken...these were the "outta whack" levels:

11.2 (H) - Normal Range is: 4.4 - 11
10.5 (H) - Normal Range is: 7.4 - 10.4
[B]Neut Ct[/B]
7.8 (H) - Normal Range is: 1.4 - 6.5
31.8 (H) - Normal Range is: 21.7 to 31.7
[B]Total Protein[/B]
6.2 - (L) - Normal Range is: 6.4 to 8.3

To another count done in Dec 2014 to prepare for the disc surgery:
11.8 (H) - Normal Range is: 4.4 to 11
11.3 (H) - 7.4 to 10.4

Unfortunately, the Neut. CT, Total Proteins weren't pulled in Dec. 2014.
The platlets though are within normal range between 200-230 when normal is 130-400.

But, My WBC has also stayed around 11 and higher since 2006 with no illness present.

In the past 6 month to a year....I've had difficulty eating, having a feeling of fullness under the ribs (in process of going to GI Doctor), so much so that Im bed ridden for 6 - 8 hours at times with intense chest pain and the fullness in the sternum. I got really sick at the end of May this year and since then my eating has almost stopped. i'm unable to eat more than a few bites at a time and have lost 26 lbs since May 25. When I went to the ER for dehydration, they ONLY treated me with fluids, never ran any imaging or blood tests.

My questions are many:
Can MPV be elevated from an inflammatory reaction from the disc?
Why would my White count continue to be elevated since 2006?
Can someone explain the values I have quoted and any correlation to CML?
Is this something that I need to be proactive in having rechecked?

Any help would be appreciated.

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