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Re: Petechiae?!
Feb 11, 2016
OMG SAME I'm 16 years old and I've been suffering from anxiety since July 2015.
I dont know what's wrong with me I mean at that time I completely messed up and thought I wanna gonna have a heart attack but after the checkup the only answer to my wholesome queries is 'its anxiety and nothing else youre completely normal'.
Not that I believe that I'm normal . So ive been looking up on every kind of disease and all that convinced that I'm not normal.
Believe me I do more research on diseases, their symptoms etc than any other thing. This 'fear' is totally killing me. Idk my friends say that I overthink and that is what my family and doctors say too. So can u really tell how many have you got? On your hands? On each hand? So that I can see if mine are too much or just in a normal amount.
So a day or two-like on 8th Feb 2016, these red spots appeared on my skin. They are little harmless ones. They do not irritate or anything. But it eats me up everytime.
Idk what to do. Just red spots, no fever, no back or chest or any other body part pain, no swelling, just those spots and it's KILLING ME WHAT IS WRONG WHY ARE THEY EVEN THERE?!
I've had these before like sometime in December 2015 and they disappeared in 3 to 4 days BUT STILL WHAT IS THIS?!

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