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My wife's past WBC count was always about 5. She just recently had a test and it is 3.7 and has been flagged as low on her health records (nurse didn't mention it but she has only seen her online records since speaking to the nurse).

Now she is worried because her father died of leukemia. Is this white blood cell count dangerously low or unlikely to be anything serious?

Thanks in advance.
There are so many things that can cause low white blood cells. She needs to insist on further testing because the earlier the treatments the better. I had AML which was put into remission for years then I developed MDS, meyliodysplastic syndrome. MDS can be similar to leukemia. or not. In both cases I presented with LWB. I'm sure there are other explanations for LWB. further test can show if the cells are changing (morphology) and even look at the genetics of the cells. I've now survived 13 years since my first remission so even leukemia is survivable when years ago there was little hope. Aml is not thought to be inheritable. It's thought to be mostlikely caused by exposure to solvent & the like. And cigarettes. Which was likely my cause.
Thanks. The doctors don't seem to think it's worth following up, but seemed more concerned about her low vitamin D and gave her supplements for that.

She is about to lose her medical assistance so I hope we can sort something out. She does have some fatigue but nothing major, and she doesn't have any other symptoms.

I'm glad you're well now anyway :)

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