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My CBC has always been adnormal. My doctor has sent me to Rhem. Doctor because of positive ANA. Told me I had Fibromylgia... But I've never excepted it. Told me its just stress or inflammation don't worry about it... So I just started dealing with the pains and thought stress and only saw they doctor for my high blood pressure which I was diagnosed with at the age of 16. They said its in my genes is why I have high BP. And were not talking a little high... My last reading with new meds we got it to 167/98..Through out my life switched meds because they stop working. The fatigue is the worse.... So last month went in for my BP annual check up and they took a CBC and did my annual check and said oh wow your spleen and liver are enlarged. I said yes they hurt and I get sick after I eat a lot but just blew it off because I've seen so many doctors I'm done with it. I told my doctor that I'm tried of it and NOT going to another... He said let's do labs and talk about.... So my CBC came back and they said its inflammation but please goto a hemalogtist..... I did after almost canceling my apt but my nurse called and said please do this and when I got there he (doctor) said he can't believe it took so long to get me here.. Here is my CBC results

WBC 19 (H)
HCT 50.6% (H)
HBG 17.4 % (H)
MCV 91.4
MCH 30.8
MCHC 33.7
RDW 12.7
RDW-SD 41.6
Platelet 264
MPV 9.6
Myeloctyes Present (abnormal)
Bands Present (abnormal)
Neuto abs 10.9 (H)
Lymph abs 5.9 (H)
Monocytes 0.7
Eos abs 0.2
Baso abs 0.2 (H)
Large Platelet present (abnormal)

CMP all normal expect alt and high protein but not to bad.

Anyways I'm confused I've always had these things high and they are just getting higher...?

So I'm looking at CML or CLL or ploycythemia vera... What do y'all think.... Is it OK to feel bitter about this?? What how about anxiety and just a fear? Ive always been a really happy positive person and lately I find myself crying and full of fear?but I don't talk about it to anyone because I'm.not that way.... Don't want anyone to know? I'm a mom and 30,years old but seriously who has time for that? Do I tell him I'm.afraid do I trust them to help me? What now?

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