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Hello Everyone,

I went through a bad divorce last winter. I also switched to a (not too strict) vegetarian diet at around the same time. Last spring I started to experience brain fog and extreme dizziness. I was initially prescribed lexapro, as my doctor and I thought maybe my symptoms were due to the stress of the divorce. I had terrible side effects so he took me off the drug and did a CBC to see if the dizziness was a vitamin deficiency issue.

B12 and others were within normal range. However my WBC was at 2.6. He had me do another test a month later, that one was 2.7. Neutrophils were just above 1,000 each time. Monocytes are slightly lower than normal. Platelets at around 110 each time. RBC is normal.

I have not had a dizzy spell for several weeks. The first time lasted for over a month, the second about 10 days immediately following a fight with my ex over our kids. I'm almost certain the dizziness is stress related. There was about a month between the spells. The first CBC was taken while I was experiencing dizziness, the second after several weeks without.

I have an appointment with a hematologist in 4 days. But in the meantime I'm freaking out. Is low WBC ever indicative of cancer? I thought it was high numbers. I read somewhere that stress causes high counts, not low. Is that true? I know I should just be patient and wait. It's hard.

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