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My appointment is not until next Wednesday due to the holidays. I did get ahold of several past CBCs, 5 taken over the past 8 years. The last one was taken in 2014. They were all between 3.5 and 4. Platelets have always been right on the line of being too low. Neutrophils were consistently around 2. My guess is that something that occurred over the last year or so (diet change, less sleep, more stress) lowered my already low-ish count. That's what I'm hoping anyway.
Had another appointment this morning. Tests came back good, more or less. Doctor does have concerns about my consistently low platelet and wbc count. and that they have gradually declined over the years. He said I have markers of MDS, however, he felt that to be unlikely given my age (37). He gave me two options: 1) monitoring through quarterly CBCs or 2) bone marrow biopsy which will provide conclusive diagnosis. I set a follow-up appointment for 3 months out, but am debating about just doing the biopsy and getting it over with. If I don't do it, I'll always wonder.

In the meantime, my dizzy spells have come back. I had minor (10 seconds here and there) episodes last week. They've gotten progressively worse, with some level of unease throughout the day. I ran into a wall today. The dizziness has come and gone since the summer, at times I've gone weeks without any symptoms. My hematologist does not feel that my blood issues are related to the dizziness and referred me to a neurologist for a cat scan. That will be next Thursday. It is not vertigo. My gp ran basic tests on me months ago and could not diagnose it. The room does not spin. The best way to explain it is that there is a delay between my physical movement and my brain processing it, which can be slightly disorienting when I try to move. Sitting is fine as long as I move my head slowly.

Keep you all posted.

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