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Hello to all,

I am a 41 years old male who absolutely hates doctors and any type of health related testing. My wife convinced me to have routine blood work which included a CBC test on 0214/2017 which all came back normal with the exception of:

Platelets: 108
RBC: 5.73

I immidiately went into googling mode and have been into a spiraling down depression with all I am reading about blood cancer and all, I am currently in Beirut Lebanon and my doctor he dismissed my worries and literally told me to get the F*** off google and stop worrying (I guess doctors here can talk to you that

I took it upon myself to repeat the test on 2/17/2017 with the following abnormal results:

Platelets: 117
RBC: 5.73

Still worried and depression getting worse I repeated the test today with the following abnormal results:

Platelets: 112
RBC: 5.94

I don't know why I am feeling this way, I have 3 children and honestly my thoughts have gone as far as worrying about them without me around :(

Based on your practical experiences and research, should I be concerned about the aforementioned results?

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