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Could just be a virus. I would ask for a repeat CBC with differential ( usually they do this) A child with leukemia will get back to back infections, ear, strep ... some kids don't bruise at all and it takes awhile
Formit to show up in blood work, but not much longer than a month. Watch the platelets they are usually the first to drop, HGB( hemoglobin ) small drops like 12.1 to 11.9 are not concerning big drops like 12 to suddenly 9 are, you would notice he being pale, lips will be tinged blue. Your a good mom. Could be she caught a nasty bug. When they do he check up and check her belly( when they thump it and squish it around) ask them if her spleen/liver feels enlarged at all. They tend to do that in an exam and never say anything. Also kids with leukemia usually will have something called "petechiae" which is tiny pin ***** red dots from low platelets.
Hope she is feeling better soon. Oh WBC (white blood count) isn't always highly elevated it can actually be a little low sometimes but usually it is elevated.

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