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Hello! I have had an elevated WBC (18.0-21.0) for over 8 yrs now.It is constantly climbing. My most recent WBC was 22.3 (normal range is 3.4-10.8). My Lymphoctye count is 6.3 (normal range is 0.7-3.1). I have no infections that can be found and I take several auto immune medications for Lupus (Plaquenil, Medrol, Cellcept and Benlysta) that should lower my white count and instead it is getting higher and higher. My C-Reactive Protein is constantly climbing as well. (My latest is 22.8 and the normal range is 0.0-4.9) My PCP wants me to have a bone marrow biopsy immediately. He, my Rheumatologist and the Oncologist that have reviewed my blood work and they all feel that I have CLL. I am very worried about the bone marrow biopsy hurting and was looking for feedback on that procedure and if anyone has had WBC and CRP counts the same as mine with CLL. I stay exhausted 24/7 and have a lot of bone pain but that could also be due to lupus.

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