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Blood count help
Jan 4, 2018
I'd like some advice about my daughter.

This story starts in September.

In mid September my daughter went on a 1.5 km run with her dad for a sporting event. 2 days after she was limping and in pain. The next day she was still limping and we went to the GP who sent her for an x-ray to see if there was a fracture or break. No fracture or break detected, but the radiologist thought he saw avascular necrosis. The next week my daughter had a bone scan, and the week after a repeat x-ray. After these 4 weeks the limping stopped and the orthopedic surgeon didn't feel she had anything to be concerned about (they were looking for perthes disease)

During the week of the bone scan (Oct 4) she developed Croup. No fever, just a barking cough. This cough lasted until December 15 when she got severe croup and a 104.2 temperature. After 5 days of these temps we went to the e.r. (walk in GP suspected virus but she looked sooooo sick I wanted her examined again) after a chest x-ray the radiologist saw pneumonia and she was put on antibiotics and her fever came down. During the exam the doctor saw petechia on the roof of her mouth so assumed she had scarlet fever or strep. She had neither.

Over the 10 days of antibiotics and subsequent 5 days since they ended(bringing us to now) she has been tired, preferring to spend most of her day on the couch. She did manage to go to school yesterday, ad she played a bit this morning. So I do believe her energy level is perking up. She has been very very very cranky. I started checking her temps because I thought she was getting sick again. SHe is regularly getting temps of 37.8 in her ear. Technically, that's not a fever, so I haven't mentioned it to her doctor. BUt, the last 2 evenigs her temps have gone to 38.1 and 38.2 so a very low grade fever. She looks pretty pale. The last 2 nights she has had night sweats where she is getting pretty wet. Her hair, her shirt, and her pillow is covered in sweat. She is also complaining of leg and hip pain but it never lasts and hasn't resulted in a limp since September.

Should I wait and see how she is over the next week or so and if she doesn't get sicker chaulk it up to recovering from pneumonia (which she had a clear chest x ray 2 days ago) or a new virus, or does this sound more sinister and needs to be looked after? I don't want to worry over nothing or subject my daughter to unnecessarily blood tests.

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