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Quick update.

Had hematology appointment today. Blood work done to test for JAK2 mutation, EPO and Ultrasound ordered for enlarged Spleen found upon examination. Higher than normal resting heart rate (100) observed during appointment today. History of elevated WBC & RBC counts, particularly neutrophils, hemoglobin and hematocrit over last 6 or so labs so primary referred me.

To add some context, last CBC differential showed:
WBC 13.3 (range 4-11) HIGH (the highest it's even been is 14.6)
Neutrophils 9.2 (Range 2-7.5)
RBC 5.15 (range 4-5.10) HIGH
Hemoglobin 167 (range 120-160) HIGH
Hematocrit .480 (range .350.450) HIGH
Platelet 313 (range 150-400) NORMAL

Symptoms include headaches, itching, red eyes, pain in lower extremeties (mainly thighs and hip/groin area) and lower back, dizziness, red dots on palms of hands (red "flecks" non blanching) but no where else, digestive issues, hot flushes and extreme fatigue. I also should note I have hypothyroidism and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 2016.

Won't know results for about a month so likely to post another update then, even if it's nothing.

Doc mentioned possible Polycythemia Vera but also could be just my body adjusting to fact that I had endometrial ablation (due to severe anemia, heaving menstrual bleeding and iron deficiency) so no more menorragha, although I had that in October, 2016 so I would think my body should've adjusted by now. No inflammation, ESR and CRP are both low. Not experiencing any symptoms of viral/bacterial infections. I'm 49 yo female.

My question is for those with PV, primary or secondary, what were your rbc, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels at diagnosis? Wouldn't they be signficantly higher in PV than mine? Also, if you were tested for JAK2, how long approximately did your results take?

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