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[QUOTE=aurakat]EEk! The more I read the more I'm beginning to worry. I think it is just nerves, but I just had a nosebleed. And I had strep two weeks ago. Now I have some kind of vaginal infection.... Something else I read was about bruising. I have always bruised VERY easily and thought nothing of it. I just thought of it as "bruising easily." I'm going to ask a doctor about all of this, but please respond and tell me if you had similar thoughts before your diagnosis or if you thought you were dehydrating a lot. I'm not sure why I do that either. Thanks in advance for your responses.[/QUOTE]
There are vitamin deficiencies that will cause easy bleeding. Vitamin K is one of them that if you don't have enough of it your platelets will not work efficiently. There is a prothrombin time test that can be done to see if you have a problem with clotting factors. It is true that if your WBC or RBC's are low your platelets will show high. It indicates that some where your body is experiencing blood loss and your body's healing mechanism is trying to kick in to prevent the blood loss. This can happen with females whose periods are too heavy. A doctor has to be consulted and the proper tests have to be run to eliminate the simple problems from the not so simple.

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