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[QUOTE=dazedandconfused1]i am really sorry about your boyfriend they should have sent him to a oncacolgy cancer doctor[/QUOTE]
I also wish i could give you advice, but i dont really know much about leukimia. Im so sorry about your boyfriend and you having to deal with his loss. He sounded like a really sweet peson and im sue hes looking down on you and very happy that you are trying to find out some answers to his death. I dont know what its like to lose a love, but im sure its worse than a person can ever imagine. Although you are tremendously greiving try not to be sad all the time. I think your boyfriend would want you to be happy, even though its hard for you. Hes not in pain anymore, but your sad because of his death and what he went through. He will never really be gone though, hes in your heart forever. And try and think of the happy times with him, instead of when he was sick. Itll make you feel a little bit better. Try looking at pictures if it doesnt make you too emotional. I hope you find some releif in the greiving process.
I'm not sure if anybody has answered your initial question about the white cell counts. 37 (actually 37,000) is very high; and should have triggered a warning to the doctors, to invistigate further. A bone marrow biopsy would have been in order, to confirm leukemia. Not sure what caused the bleeding in your boyfriend's head...or even if it is related to the leukemia (possibly low or no platelets). But chances are, if they had begun aggressive treatment in December...they might have been able to prevent such a rapid spread of the cancer. If his counts were almost 300 (thousand) at the time of diagnosis, then they could have been nearing a million by the time of his death. That would have totally wiped out any room for any healthy cells (red, white or platelets) to survive in the blood.

My wife has leukemia. And I've learned a ton of information over time. Doctors hate it when we (lay persons) research on our own. But they don't always have the time or desire to share as much information as we feel the need to know.

You may want to locate and join a group, geared at supporting the loved ones of cancer victims. Check with your local hospitals and churches.
[COLOR=Navy]Our lives will be as long as it's supposed to be. I just have to keep reminding myself that. [/COLOR]

TRUE. You are here today tomorrow we don't know. You can die right in front of your house or just going to work. I lost my brother last year out of high fever/hear attack where we still dont know where did that came from as he never been sick. Age 33. died in just a couple days. Same way I have seen people escape death a number of times. Only god knows when your time will be.

Living each to the fullest thats the way to go. And pray and be good because god did not promised happiness in this earth life but in the life after this one which is going to be eternal.

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