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[QUOTE=lilly7170]Here are my 6 year old's symptoms:
* Fevers 4 - 5 times a month with no other symptoms

* Leg or stomach pain a few times a week

* Headaches

* Tired

* Sleeping

* Severe thigh pain (once) didn't want to eat, go shopping or
playing, could barley walk, coldn't climb into truck, came on
in a matter of minutes, witnin a couple hours fever of 101.7,
came home and took tylenol and slept from about 7:00pm
until 6:30am the next morning. She said her leg was sore the
next day and fine when she came home from school

* Leg soreness after playing hard

* Flushed Face and sometimes puffy or swollen, very pale

But she doesn't have nosebleeds and has anyone experianced pains like these as a symptom?

Well, by "it", I'm sure you're suspecting leukemia; however, the spiking fevers and flushing could also give light to an alternate diagnosis like Still's disease (i.e. a juvenile onset rheumatoid arthritis). However, it's pretty easy to get all of this stuff investigated. Why not take your child and have some bloodwork done?

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