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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by princessdevilish[/i][b]
I am so scared, I am 17 and female. I have almost all the symptoms for anemia, but I also have quite a few for leukima. Here are my lekemia symptoms: I have severe upper back/neck pains for NO reason. They just came on and I cannot even sleep it hurts so much. Leukemia has bone pains. I also just discovered today, this purplish circle on my hip, with red in it looks like a hickey almost. I cannot describe it but it is the oddest looking thing about as big as a dime. I read that leukemia signs are purple rashes. I know I will go to a doctor, but in the mean time I want to know if you guys think I have leukemia. I am so scared. I need help! I am also very pale, but have been for several years. ....VERY pale.[/b][/QUOTE]

I can say with great certainty that you do not have leukemia. Most symptoms people experience can be associated with dozens of conditions. I realize its easy to notice symptoms you have and single out one dreaded disease, but usually people turn out to have nothing seriously wrong. Do you realize upper back and neck aches can be caused by dozens of reasons? That rash is probably nothing either.

You definately want to get a check up though to perhaps see what those anemia symptoms are about, and your back/neck pain. Don't worry, it is most likely NOT leukemia!

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