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Re: Watch and Wait
Mar 19, 2004
Hi. I don't have any suggestions but maybe a few comments. I am disturbed that your doctor won't allow you to see a specialitst (you need his permission so that your insurance would cover it, right?). I was under the assumption that a specialist is a person that knows more (in depth) than a general practioner (assuming the doc you mentioned is a GP). If my doctor told me to wait and see, I'd run right off to a specialist to see his/her opinion. If the specialist agrees with the GP then fine, but the specialist will give you a greater amount of certainty that waiting is the best option. At the very least it would make you feel better to have more information.

There are many different types of white blood cells. Are all of the different types of WBC's uniformly elevated or is it one particular type? If you had a clonal expansion of a single cell (i.e. cancer) then it should be just a particular type of WBC that is elevated. If you had normally high WBC levels or had underlying infections you might see a more uniform rise. Did your doctor get this specific with you? If not, IMO you should see a specialist who can get into the specifics and tell you exactly what everything means. Good luck to you and take care of yourself.

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