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[QUOTE=blj1974]:( Hi I have gone for blood work in a study for the past year everything was about normal til September when it came back that my WBC was 1.47 so I got tested for 4 weeks straight it was 1.26,1.09,1.17. Normal being 3.5-8 I have headaches constantly, I just started to have to wear glasses last year for the first time ever and I am 29, I bruise very easly without even bumping anything that I know of, I sleep horrible everynight, If I run my ankles give out, and I have pain alot throughout my whole body especially my shoulders. I gained 10 lbs I am now 122lbs, I am telling all of this because my Doctors dont know why my blood count is so low, I have been reading the symptoms of Leukemia and am a little nervous. I have to wait til next month to even get a referral to a hemotologist due to no insurance, should I be scared and does anyone else have these symptoms and its something else? I am not anemic, and I was tested negative for HIV. All replys appreciated. Thank You[/QUOTE]
Most of the time if there is no anemia, the low WBC can indicate an autoimmune disorder. The headaches might indicate vascular inflammation which would be a reason why your WBC might be low. If you have developed an inflammatory condition, your body is using all the lymphocytes it can make to try to control the inflammation. This can be addressed by medications. And, if you have been treating your headaches with Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, Aleve, Excedrin, or any other over the counter meds that have Acetaminophen or Salicylic Acid in them, then the medications may themselves be driving down your blood counts which would also be causing you to have the bruising. The best bet is to give up as much of the pain killers as you can, IF, this is the situation, and see your hematologist because you do not want to be treated for cancer if your problem is inflammation. The bone marrow biopsy is no day at the park especially when it is not necessary.

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