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The eye floaters can be caused by something as simple as too high a fat diet. If you eat a lot of fried foods bile can back up into your liver and cause the visual problems. High blood pressure can also cause the floaters. Passing viruses unrelated to HIV or other immune system compromising diseases can also occur. You did not say whether or not your doctor ran a test for HEP C.
The butterfly rash is sometimes indicative of lupus an automimmune disorder. Leukemia is very easy to diagnose and separate from other vague illnesses.
Leukemia is not a subtle disease. Chronic Fatigue syndrome can have some of the symptoms you suggest as well. Try to just ride it out and if your life is not being restricted by your symptoms, you will probably gradually recover fully. Just check with your doctor if you get worse.
[QUOTE=LIBLONDIE45]If you want to put your mind to ease now, just have a bone marrow biopsy and that will tell if you have leukemia. By the way, leukemia is NOT inherited and anyone can be the first in the family to come down with this dreaded disease such has my gf.[/QUOTE]

I am very sorry to hear about your loved one and I agree with you, the research I have done over the past few days shows nothing conclusive regarding family history of leukemia increasing risk. In fact from what ive seen, Leukemia seems to affect the healthy as much as much as it does the un-healthy. In a way, I almost feel like ignoring this possibility because I fear if I find out I have it, unlike HIV which has various forms of treatment, Leukemia MAY or MAY NOT have options anyway.

The first poster mentioned Lupus and I think this is a very good possibility as well, the Rash does not go across both cheeks as it does in typified Lupus, but it does go from one cheek, over the nose, and to roughly half of my other cheek. Alot of my other symptoms seem indicative of Lupus as well, but then some make no sense, such as the eye floaters.

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