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Re: Symptoms?
May 24, 2004
hey i just wanted to give you some good news. if your doctor did a CBC and that is how they diagnosed you with mono (same thing happened to me) they look at your WBC. the high-end of normal is 10.8 mine is always around 8.7-10.3. still normal but on the high end. this could be from the mono as it NEVER goes away. if you had leukemia it would be in the 18,000+ they would have seen that right off and you would already know about it. there are other things that can pass undetected with mono, but if you have already seen the doctor i would bet all of that was looked at in a blood panel too. i would go back to discuss your fears, (i have the worst illness anxiety ever) but don't think it's cancer ok? mono is a nasty thing. all too often we pass it off as trivial. i would bet that all of this is from the mono. get plenty of rest and really take care of yourself.

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