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Re: Symptoms?
May 20, 2004
Now that I'm reading all these I'm realizing I have a lot more symptoms that I didn't even know were related to leukemia and now i'm REALLY freaking out! I've had AWFUL horrible nightsweats for the last 5-6 weeks they are awful and I wake up so weak from them, also I've had horrible lower back pain on my side and wondered if it was a kidney infection it hurt so bad, but my parents laughed at me (I always think I have something) they checked my WBC when they tested me for mono, she told me they were normal so I didn't have an infection. Could they have gone up or down in the last week? I've had side/aches and a tight feeling stomach for the last week but that is probably related to the mono w/ spleen and liver swelling. Also I'm 3 days in my period and I feel like I'm bleeding to death, It's NEVER been this horrible and it just doesn't seem normal, so thin and watery... It's been normal for 8 years (i'm 21 years old) and now all the sudden it's doing this! Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!!!

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