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[QUOTE=Pammymy]Hi....I have been sick for sooooo long!!! For the last 2+ years I have had difficulty fighting infections...and no sooner am I off a course of antibiotics...I get sick again and each time is worse.

Recently, my endocrinologist ordered bloodwork...including a cbc and there were 8 abnormalities, including a slightly elevated T3 (this will be resolved with thyroid meds).

2 days ago I went to see the endo - and he thought the bloodwork results may indicate that I have an infection and that I may be dehydrated. He had no explanation for the high red blood cell values. He referred me to a hematologist and suggested that I consult with my PCP as well.

Saw my PCP yesterday...same story as the endo gave. Except my PCP has a wry sense of humor - a BAD wry sense of humor - he joked that...since I've had Grave's Disease that has affected my eyes - I had orbital decompression on my right eye 2 months ago...he made the remark I've had a problem because my eyes protrude (are 'wide-open') and now I've been so sleepy and fatigued that I can't keep my eyes open!!! Not really funny!!!

So he also brushed my results off - wanting me to see a hematologist.

I called to make an appointment with the hematologist - and the one that my endo referred me to - the Department I was referred to was oncology!!! I was hardly expecting to hear that when I phoned.

Anyway - I don't think this is too serious...since I wasn't given an appointment for another 3 weeks. I told them that I was sick - my white blood count is above normal and nobody wants to put me on anitbiotics!!! No concern from the appointment secretary.

Ok so here's my dilemna. Leukemia could be an explanation for many of my symptoms...I've read some posts here and see the same sort of concerns. I am not asking anyone for a diagnosis and I know that there are several different types of leukemia...and the bloodwork results can vary. What I would like to ask is...first of all...what the heck is 'MPV'? this is one of the results that came back high (11.0).

My others are:
WBC 14.7
hemoglobin 16.2
hematocrit 48.4
granulocytes 79.3
granulocyte, abs 11.69
lymphocytes 14.8 (low)

So how do I ask this without suggesting that I want a diagnosis? hmmmm ok then - would these results be typical indicators for a form of leukemia?

Any information - I very much would appreciate!!! Thanks!!!

Those values by themselves do not indicate Leukemia. It does indicate infection of some kind. Perhaps the doctors think that you have an infection in your blood stream that is resistant to the usual antibiotic. The MPV stands for Mean Platelet Volume. If that is high then it means that there may be something going on in your body that indicates to your body that it is in danger of bleeding or is bleeding. The reason the doctors are sending you to a Hematologist is because that is the type of doctor who has the skill to figure out what the problem is and then recommend treatment. Although Leukemia is always a possibility, the blood values you have given do not necessarily reflect Leukemia.

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