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I've had several elevated WBC over the last 8 months and a couple taken with the manual differentials. The highest was 19K. I was told that it is a sign of infection not to worry. Docs keep saying it is infection however, my only symtoms are headaches and slight fever (99.5). Docs put me on antibiotics and said your fine. Two weeks later, I went to the docs with severe arm pain they took another CBC and my WBC was 13.5K, not as elevated but still higher than normal right after antibiotics. One week later, fever and headaches are back. Another visit to the docs, WBC with differential was 17.5K, on the rise again. The differentials have shown left shift with the neutrophils much higher than lymphocytes. No Bands. Can someone explain what that means? Is a WBC of 19K indicative of leukemia?
My symptoms- headaches, slight fever on/off, nausea on/off, bone pain arm and back, tachycardia, and had an enlarged thymus gland removed 8/03.
Any information would be of great help.

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