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my mother has been sick for quite a while.
She was scheduled to have back surgery for a cracked vertebrae in august, but it was cancelled because her pre-op blood work showed that her platelets are dangerously low. they were about 80,000, when i think they are supposed to be 300-400 thousand. after this, they did a bunch of tests and an ultra sound, and found out that her spleen is enlarged to twice the size it should be. Now, they are giving mom an MRI (or some kind of body scan) to look for lymph nodes.
Mom wont tell me what exactly that the doctors think is wrong with her, but this sounds like symptoms leading to the detection of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It runs in my family.
I would appreciate any opinions of what you think this may be , or what her symptoms sound like.
Concerned Daughter
Dear MAggie,
Thanks for all your input, but the docs have ruled out any chances of any kind of anemia. Shes not exposed to any weird chemicals...just the normal household stuff every now and then...nothing weird.
im 20 years old. mom and my aunt run a resturaunt together. Yes, the leukemia runs in my family, and everyone in my family that has had it did not have similar jobs or lifestyles.....
dont think its chemicals or anything. wish it were that easy.
Hi Lovethemusic,

My mother also has CLL. She was diagnosed with it 3 years ago. They found hers during her routine check-up. Her white blood cell count looked strange. They re-checked it and asked her what her mother died of. Her mother (my grandmother) died of Leukemia, as well as her Grandmother (my Great-grandmother)died of Leukemia.
They decided to send my mother to a cancer specialist and he confirmed the fact that she has CLL.

If you had to have any type of Leukemia, even though I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, CLL is the better of the Leukemia's to have. It is a very slow progressing cancer.

Neither my great grandmother or my grandmother had CLL. There cancers was the fast progressing kind. My Great Grandmother died within 2 weeks of finding out she had it. My Grandmother died in a year.

One doctor said that there is a possibility that our family carries a chromizone called the Phili******a Chromizone that causes the Leukemia.
My Great Grandmother had Leukemia, my Grandmother had Leukemia and now my mother has Leukemia. YES, IT IS GENETIC. Don't get me wrong, if a person has this cancer it doesn't mean that everyone in the family wil get it. But for it to be going down the line in my family the way it is going, yes in MY family it is genetic.

My OB wanted me to go and get tested for the Chromizone, but I said no. I mean why bother?? The chances are, that I do carry the chromizone. I go for check-ups every year, if there is anything they will find it in my CBC count. They can't take away the chromizone.

Well, anyway, like I said my mom has CLL. You can live for 20 years a very helthy life. She has had it for 3 years now and is doing great !!! She is at stage 0. Her last count was 26,000 which so far has been the hightest count for her. It has not affected any of her organs or Lymph nodes. The doctor said her count could be up to 100,000 and as long as it doesn't affect any of her organs or nodes, she will not need meds. The doctor said she is doing great !!

Make sure that your mom has a realy good doctor that deals with this illness. There is alot of treatment out there for this kind of cancer. Your mom could have a very long life with this just as long as she does exactly what her doctor tells her!!
My heart goes out to you and your mom !! Keep in touch and keep me informed on what is going on !!!

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