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90 Year old family member was diagnosed with acute leukemia in May. The doctor said she would have 6 mos to live without chemo, and possibly a year with chemo. She tried the chemo but stopped after a few weeks sue to side effects. Over the course of the summer, she had several blood transfusions (everytime she got weak and her breathing was in trouble). The doctor now refuses any additional transfusions and has her on oxygen. Her hemoglobin drops weekly and is down to 7.4. A few questions:

1. If the hemoglobin keeps dropping, why no transfusions?
2. How long can this go on?

I feel like we are just waiting for the end and the doctor has given up. Maybe I am just in denial.

Thanks for any feedback
We have the same problems with our doctors sometimes, fortunatley her Oncologist will tell us the whole truth about situations. My best advice would be to push the doctor until you can get a straight answer. You and you're family remain in my thoughts. Take care.
What type of Acute Leukemia -myeloid or lymphotic? And then what subtype is it? I have only dealt with myeloid myself, and it's the worst you could get-my sister had it when she was 17, it's very rare for teenagers. Anyway, if you let me know, I can tell you about my personal experiences if its thoughts are with you, I know what your going through.

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